Enjoy School!

As I head down the narrow hallway of my high school, my ears are filled with the sounds of complaints. The students around me are constantly complaining about school. Whether it be the complaints of an early rise or the recently assigned project, it fills the air and makes it hard to breathe.

In an attempt to rekindle positivity, I try to mention the bright side of our current situation in high school but was met with criticism. The hatred of school has become a widespread ideology among students worldwide. Most students despise attending school albeit students know they must. Not only does this create a negative educational environment but may implicate success in school. I’ll be the one to say it, school is and should be fun. I am tired of entering such a negative environment and allowing other students forcing me to feel the same.

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We should enjoy school! As students, we are so lucky to have the opportunity to attend school while millions of children around the world still do not have that opportunity. We should be so grateful to be given the chance to learn. Though we may overlook it, school is fun and so is learning. School allows us to learn some of the most interesting topics from history and science to finance and foreign language. High school allowed students to find their interests whether it be physics or European history.

It has introduced students to clubs where we can play in the band or help save the environment. Personally, school has allowed me to find my love for debate, history, English and computer class. High school has shaped me into the person of multiple interests and aspirations, even though I must wake up at 6 o’clock in the morning. As students, we should recognize all the wonderful opportunities given in school including social events, meeting new friends, acquaintances, and learning. I have met so many amazing people through my courses and some of my favorite teachers along the way. School allows us to meet new people constantly and attend events like dances, football games, prom, homecoming, tournaments and more.

My school has given me the opportunity to have the time of my life and meet great people. There is so much to be happy and grateful for in school. Lighten up and find the positive aspects of school. Enjoy high school and everything it has to offer. Enjoy school! Its fun!