Enjoy High School

Enjoy high school! Most of you will see it as a stepping stone to a brighter, shinier future ahead. But this school that you are at four years is what you’ll think about when you’re older. You will wish for these days back. College is important; school work is important, grades matter. But don’t forget about making memories. Join as many clubs as possible.

They let you met knew people, explore interest, get involved, help the community AND they look good on college applications. Even if you’re shy, be the quiet one in the back, I’m sure you will meet a few people back there too. Go to all the dances there are!!! It’s fun to see friends outside of the droning, boring classroom setting. Make memories. They are what you will remember the most after graduation. Not the time studying, or the job you had, but the friends you made, the parties you went to, the movies you saw, the dates you had.

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It is not a stepping stone. It is the last step before you’re an adult. It is the last chance you get to make major mistakes and still have your mom there to fix it all. Right now, slow down, breath, go outside, call up friends you haven’t talked to in a while, make plans. Relax, high school will be over soon but don’t forget to make some memories along the way.