Essay on High School

High school students are becoming more characterized. They are by far some of the easiest to identify whether they be Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, or Seniors. Freshman are commonly between ages 14 or 15.

Some are characterized by unfortunate mouths full of orthodontia, and usually dress to fill some over done stereotype. Be it raccoon like eyes or flashy labels deemed appropriate by upper classmen. They often stare at their schedules, or stand still between classes in the hallways. They’ve all heard the rumors that Freshmen can be annoying, but believe their class is the exception. They are not prepared to leave home.

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Sophomores are ages 15 or 16. They begin to become obsessed with the idea of prom, and hope for some loopholed excuse to go. Girls are still skinny and play with their hair, and they begin to pair off with Juniors and Seniors. Sadly, most boys still look 13, and are forced into their friends bedrooms where they take up either video games or underaged drinking.They begin to feel almost ready to leave home. Up next are the Juniors, age 16 or 17.

Girls at this age see they’ve grown hips. This leads to cutting their hair and buying designer purses to distract from the weight gain. Boys finally climb out their cocoons and are deemed “dateable”. Prom is now in their grasp, and they spend moths building up the hype only to be disappointed.They are rather ready to leave home.

Finally, Seniors are commonly ages 17 or 18. Boys get revenge on Freshmen and Sophomore year, and date underclassmen. They all begin to realize how different life will be their next September. They start to appreciate all of the details of their lives. They miss their friends before they’re even gone.

They wish they tried harder, dressed better, made more friends, wish they hadn’t hated so much, and wish for all the nostalgic feelings to go away. This nostalgic feeling can be noticed in adults. They don’t want to leave home. I believe high school is merely a stepping stone. It isn’t the greatest point of a lifetime, and sadly it isn’t the worst. High school is only the beginning of what will become adult lives, and no matter how it is perceived it will forever be a stepping stone that will eventually be covered with the tides of life.