School Is Cool

In the article, “What’s wrong with school?” John Holt criticizes schools because he thinks ‘children should control their learning’. I think Holt is right but I don’t agree. There are many good reasons about school. School helps students learn. Also, it gives students a higher way of life.

Students learn a lot from good and bad in school. School teaches students how to read, write, etc. Also, to teach students and tell them about the history or even the present. They even teach math and science. This is great because it will give students an opportunity to know what to do in life.

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If they want to become a writer. If they want to become a scientist or even a teacher. They can be low lives. It’s all up to them. School is there as a choice.

School can get students into college. It doesn’t have to be a University. As long as they go to a college for a diploma. It’s not all about the nice diploma though. It’s about having a lot of knowledge and making your way out into life’.

With good grades in school you can get a good paying job. So I’ve heard from my parents and teachers. Even under age, but with a permit. That is good because it gets students pumped up and ready for the next step. Not only do students learn how to study and stuff but they learn how to communicate and socialize with others. Socializing is important in life because you get to hear out other students’ thoughts and opinions.

Also, they get to hear out yours. That way students can learn a lot more too; from their own peers. See there are many good things about school. I like school because it gets me to learn a lot of cool things that I never knew before. Although school may be boring, I can always make it fun, because in the end it’ll all be worth it.

School is the key to life.