School Uniforms Essay Online

It’s 6:05 and your alarm sounds in your ear. You get up and go to your closet and pull out the same outfit you have been for the last four months of school. Gets pretty boring.

Everyday all over the world students go to public schools trapped in uniforms. Its one thing if it’s a private school but public schools? Students in public schools should not be forced to wear uniforms. There should not be uniforms in public schools because it limits kids creativity. Why is it important to let kids express themselves anyway? You should “nourish creativity” to help kids be unique says a group giving advice to help everyday family life.

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They also state “Letting kids express themselves through clothing impacts there self esteem.” As a kid myself I think clothing is the best way to express myself. Although I know sometimes kids don’t always dress in appropriate ways but that is why schools have a dress code. I don’t know about others but I wouldn’t like sitting in the same room with people who look the exact same as me everyday. However, I do know that bullying is an issue and supposedly uniforms stop bullying, but uniforms do not stop bullying. According to Fox News, ways to prevent kids from being bullied are to teach and focus more on social skills.

I interviewed some students at Evanston High School and they said, ” People are bullied for lack of hygiene, weight, family situations, personality and physical traits.” Kids are bullied for several of reasons, forcing uniforms does not stop bullying. Also school uniforms do not help kids with accepting other peoples differences if they are always interacting with people who dress the same. Why is it important to accept others differences anyway? In my opinion, it teaches kids respect. For example, if I attend a school with people who look the same as me and then I go to college I think I would be really judgmental if I saw someone dressed as a Goth or a punk, but if I’m already use to seeing people dressed as a Goth or punk I wouldn’t think much of it other than they are normal people.

Kids should be placed in an environment with people who are different to teach them acceptance and respect. Public schools should not have uniforms. Kids will not stop bullying, they will be limited to creativity and they wont learn to accept others. Even if you have uniforms for 4 days and one day where you can where everyday clothes anything is better than nothing.