School Uniforms: Are They Necessary?

Do you think school uniforms are really necessary? Kids that don’t wear uniforms can behave and learn just as capable as kids without.

Some people may say that school uniforms make the student behave better and less distracted. However the other side can say that kids learn better when they are comfortable and uniforms aren’t comfortable. The first reason why children should not wear school uniforms is because kids learn better comfortable. opponents cite research that shows a lack of individualism comfort among students working to acutely decrease students learning success”. (The pros and cons for you child.) The whole reason why parents send their kids to school is to learn and research shows that kids that are comfortable learn better.

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Kids don’t necessarily think uniforms aren’t the comfortablest clothes.”When children select their own clothing they are able to develop confidence and independent characteristic vital to personality development and adult success”. Kids need to feel confident to be comfortable in their on skin and there schools choosing what they should wear. The second reason why children should not wear school uniforms is that it is a free country and school uniforms are against that. The evidence for this “If you lives in america where You’re supposed to have a freedom of choice” They are children of America. The most free country in the world but kids don’t have a choice.

Kids are America’s future and school uniforms don’t support freedom. It is an amendment to express yourself in any way you want. It is a amendement for people to express themselves in their own ways. School uniforms are against that amendment and also breaking that amendment. The last reason why children should not wear school uniforms is because children benefit from choosing their own clothing it lets them express themselves and be who they are.

“It is his or her right to express themselves in any way they want to”. This means that it is a right for kid to express themselves in any way they want. So they have the right to wear whatever they want.”The opponents of public school uniforms the ACLU for the first amendment argue that uniforms stifle a student’s need for self expression”. Kids need self expression so they can succeed in the real world.

Some people say that kid that wearing school uniforms are less distracted and learn better in class. “I want kids to come to school and be just for academic Success and I want teachers to be able to teach without dealing with distracting that clothing makes”. But Children without uniforms are the same with many things. “Students who wore uniforms did no better than those who did not in attendance behavior or drug abuse. So some people might say that kid who wear uniforms are smarter but there are many things they are even with kids who didn’t wear uniforms. School uniforms are not good for public schools.

School uniforms are not good for schools because that kids learn better being comfortable and school uniforms aren’t the most comfortable. The articles get that school uniforms are less distracting. So the next time you see kids wearing uniforms, think is it real necessary.