Enjoying this Climb

High school today functions as a transportation to the future college of our dreams. People forget that it’s not about the work that is the core of this period of our lives – it’s the journey we begin and the experienced and mature adults ready to step into the real world we become on the other side. Because we are compressed with a lot of pressure, some students see no color and no sweetness during these academically bitter years, due to their hard-driven and strict morals.

Last year, as a freshman, I was one of these students. The mental trail that caused me to push myself really hard was initiated by wonderful older Christian brothers and sisters that have truly amazed me in their accomplishments and good-heartedness. Although they are accomplished, they are still down-to-earth and humorous people. I love them with all my heart and hope to trace their footsteps. Last year, I focused too much on my personal demand to get really good grades.

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This caused me to forget to enjoy the childhood I was still in. I skipped invitations to hang out with my friends and lost interest in some of the topics that were taught. All I cared about was getting homework finished. Although a driven attitude is not a negative thing, too much of it creates a bad type of pressure that overcomes the necessary balance of relaxation and work. Even my parents, who usually remind me to do things, told me to just breathe and take it easy. When I went to middle school, I truly enjoyed the time I spent learning in class, and put my best into all of my work.

It was never about the work itself. I found interest in the material I was taught. One of the favorite memories at middle school that I have is when my leadership team made the Darfur Dance. For many years, the Darfur Dance was attempted to be made, but because of disapproval from the principal, and etc, it could not be made possible. It was truly wonderful that my group of girlies made it successful.

The most important thing about my 3 years at junior high was that I put my heart into the things I did. I wholeheartedly believe in an attitude towards work that is built off of doing your best. I have let go of the attitude of pressuring myself so much, I forgot the point of the whole process. I forgot that getting the work done is not the point. The real point is to enjoy learning and to savor the moments you are living through. In other words, it isn’t about doing the work, it’s about finding interest in it, the reason WHY you do it, and if you are giving it your best.

This, I believe. This year, I am returning to the attitude I had in middle school. You should too.