The Lovely Students of High School

I must say, it really brightens my morning when I see freshman and sophomores stretched out luxuriously on the hallway floor. I climb over them, thinking how wonderful it is that they feel so at home at school that they can take over the hallways like they are their bedrooms. They feel so comfortable that they don’t bother to move their legs in to let me by; instead, they allow me to jump over them. They are so thoughtful, because they are so worried about my health that they want me to exercise whenever possible. I hop over their legs like a runner on an obstacle course, and look forward to tomorrow morning and every morning after, when I can do the same thing.

But every day isn’t perfect until I encounter the wonderful people in the hallway. These fantastic students are so considerate that they stop in the middle of the hall to say hello to their friends! I always give them a friendly shove and slide around them. It’s a treat when they start shouting and yelling too; I love hearing their beautiful voices resonate in my ears. Even after I enter a classroom and shut the door, I can still make out their piercing and lovely screams. When in class, it’s always a nice surprise when a young, funny student who is supposed to be somewhere else drops in. It’s so charming when they interrupt class to say hello to their friends; it really shows the strength of friendships in Milton High School! My day isn’t ever complete until these three wonderful events happen, and most of the time they do! And all I can say is thank you so much you compassionate students of High School!

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