Gunny Sergeant Lemke is a Great Teacher

Gunny Sergeant Lemke is a great teacher with many attributes to back it up. Ithink Gunny should be elected Educator of the Year because he uses humor in histeaching which helps take some of the boredom out of just sitting and listening for 120minutes.

I also like that he is stern when needs be, not all the time. Some teachers arealways so uptight, but Gunny in my opinion is one of the best. Being in his class is alsofun because of what we learn. I am interested in the armed services so taking NavalScience with Gunny teaching is a great experience for me.Some of the traits that Gunny has are, that he teaches well, has a sense of humor,and has authority over the class at appropriate times. I feel that Gunny teaches wellbecause he uses many different approaches to the learning experience such as the smart-board, lecture, and various writing assignments and quizzes.

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His sense of humor raisespeople’s spirits, rather than just sitting and listening during class. He infuses some funinto the class which, in my opinion, makes me want to listen to what he is saying.Another trait of Gunny is his overall authority over the class, I admire that as wellbecause it doesn’t let people get too out of control so that it disrupts the learning ofothers.Gunny Sergeant Lemke is one great teacher! His various ways ofteaching help me learn. Some teachers just teach the subject material inone way and I think that doesn’t really help everyone learn the material appropriately.

His approach to teaching is one that helps everyone learn, by lecture, hands on,or even by visually seeing what we are learning. I like when he gives us projects to workon because it gives me a chance to show how much I understand the material.For all that Gunny does I made the right choice in nominating him forEducator of the Year. He stands out from all the rest of the teachers from yearspast. He teaches with discipline.

This is a sign of a great teacher to me.He also gets up in front of the class and projects his voice in such a manner thateveryone in the class can hear what he is saying. He teaches the material in full, thengives you quizzes and other types of assignments to reinforce your understanding of thematerial.To sum this all up, Gunny should be elected for EOY because he is the bestteacher I’ve ever had. His teaching skills are phenomenal, and he is easy to get alongwith. These are all things that make a teacher an excellent teacher.

I enjoy his class morethan the rest because he incorporates the materials being taught. Most other teacher’s useone form of teaching, but Gunny gets to everyone. His teaching skills “click” with eachstudent in their own way. All of Gunny’s attributes put him a cut above the rest. 2011Educator of the Year…hands down!!!