Epicor Gives Red Bull Racing Wings

Epicor Avante Goes Trackside to Provide Complex Part Logistics and Manufacturing Support.

..With the decision by Ford Motor Company in 2004 to move out of the world of Formula 1 racing, the future of the, then Jaguar Racing, team was uncertain. Ever since its founding in 1922, by Sir William Lyons, Jaguar has been involved in motorsport, enjoying a long history of success. Jaguar Racing has won Le Mans, often referred to as the world’s toughest endurance race, seven times, has been three time World Sports Car Champions and in 1956 won both Le Mans and the Monte Carlo Rally during the same year.

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With an uncertain future, the company was saved when energy drink manufacturer Red Bull stepped in to take over in late 2004. “They brought with them a vitality, commitment and a strong will to succeed,” explains Ian Prior, manufacturing systems manager for Red Bull Racing.”They understood that this is our passion and that the people here have built up a great deal of expertise, which they allowed to continue, while injecting new spirit into the business.” The Jaguar Racing business had chosen Epicor’s Avante manufacturing solution in 2003 to replace an aging custom-built, in-house manufacturing and parts system. Epicor Avante is designed specifically for complex manufacturing environments with integrated front and back office applications.

Avante ties together every aspect of a manufacturer’s business operation, from just-in-time manufacturing procedures, to supply chain management and logistics.The Avante solution at Red Bull Racing has also been heavily modified by the engineering teams and has several unique features. “Our Epicor Avante system travels with us to races and tests all over the world and is used trackside on a portable server to manage the parts tracking and logistics operation,” explains Prior.Before each race, the primary Avante system at the Red Bull Racing headquarters in Milton Keynes is duplicated to a special transportable server that accompanies the race team. If new parts are required during a race, the primary Avante system back at headquarters manages the process and creates a data entry that updates the remote system either via a conventional data connection if available, or uses a data storage device that accompanies any air freight or in most cases hand baggage to the race site.At the track, race technicians use the system for parts management.

If a data connection is available, the local Avante system is then synchronised overnight with the main Avante systems back in Milton Keynes. If no connection is available, the systems are synchronised when the race crew returns back to base.Prior adds, “Our Avante system is pretty unique and allows us to streamline our parts control and manufacturing process which is essential in the costly world of Formula One.”Red Bull Racing uses other specialist software for design and financial applications; the benefits of the Avante system means that Prior and his team have successfully implemented connectivity between the applications with minimal downtime. “Most IT project managers dread system consolidation but this has been a relatively smooth one and has allowed us to quickly move on to new projects which will benefit the team,” Prior concludes.

Red Bull Racing is currently working on further modification to Avante and its accounting procedures to allow them improved visibility into future financial commitments based on the racing calendar and long term design goals. For further information please contactDawn NichollsThe Message Machine LtdT: 01895 631448 or 01895 634573E: [email protected]