Ethical Dilemmas

Ethical critism could be best understood from the article context as the ability to determine what is right for the people working firms or companies under hard conditions in order to earn a living and to produce goods and services. Both works- the story and the article speak of the community that was ones in riches and happiness turns out to be on the crying and struggling dimensions-working so hard on poor terms of service, poor working conditions, inadequate food, poor health and even bad pay. In the literature provided by the two works stipulates that young people are being used by the affluent to make numerous profits. The lives of the people can turn from good to worse and due to these, for one to make changes in the daily life, then he or she has to look for desperate measures since desperate actions seeks for desperate measures, for example in Ursa LeGuin’s Story- the city of Omelas was always full of joy and happiness, the people could celebrate festivals- a sign of good living. The city always had visitors during the summer as ship and boats where so many in the harbor with different flags meaning there were from different countries.

The people of Omelas city found happiness at the beginning but the argument on what happened there after? Tourism as said in the text provided a source of livelihood but what went wrong with the lives of the people in the city. The city had the music themes before a sign of love and happiness but this was in vain to the children of Omelas. From the story the happiness of the people changed and this was seen from the several question asked in the story for example, Joyous! The joy of the people could not be easily explained again, the description of the people was also hard to point out.The writer says that there were happy but later explained that the citizens had no words of cheer any more. The idea of human suffering in both cases are evident but the people from the two setting find it difficult to make any effort on reporting the impacts of suffering there are being exposed to since there had no other job offers they could use in changing there lives. From the story by Ursa LeGuin’s the people are faced with strict terms and moreover the terms used are absolute this shows that the relevant authorities have failed in administration of its services.

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The silence and suffering of the people in the city is of different forms as; the people of the town go home in tears or on a tearless anger since they cannot imagine the child-young worker is faced with the terrible life. The text also explains that puzzle of life. Though the people are faced with the injustice there quite as in the text, for example;”Their tears at the bitter injustice dry when they begin to perceive the terrible justice of reality, and to accept it. Yet it is their tears and anger, the trying of their generosity and the acceptance of their helplessness, which are perhaps the true source of the splendor of their lives. Theirs is no vapid, irresponsible happiness.

” I think, in the article, on the Foxconn company, the children of china are working heavily not because they love the job and the terms of service’s of the work they do but because there want to fulfill there live dreams. Despite the fact that the relevant authorities are very close to them there have kept quite to avoid losing the jobs. For example this is portrayed in the article; just after Mr. Lai completed his college diploma hhe was in need of a job thinking he had attained the relevant qualification for being in the job market and also he had married and therefore the family responsibility was overwhelming him.

The thought of going far away to such for a job in order to buy a house, this was to his will when he landed for a job at the iPod factory where he was paid $22 a day which was much higher than most of the other workers since he was a professional. However Lai went on working with the company though he was aware of the injustices in the firm but because of the needs in front of him he just went on doing the work without informing the relevant authorities.From my critical point of view the complicity of the people in the two works and life settings are not as a result of there wish, though there are doing this because of the personal interests the negligence of the relevant authorities is also a point to take note. In the article on the iPod company in china, several bodies dealing with the quality of services and those from the employee rights such as; BSR consultant who offered viable programs for the use of hotlines such that the workers could be able to report problems like; abusive conditions, talk about or share workplace problems and even to seek mental health counseling. The Foxconn company went on changing the requirements of the programs by not installing the hotlines but evaluating the existing hotlines, on addition the requested the exclusion of the mental health counseling.

From my point of view the relevant advisory members and the media who on the other side reported the cases on the newspapers-public but the government of China didn’t paly any part to cub this and this leads to the complicity of the people and hence the use of child labor.