Exams: A Nessecary Evil

Exams are a part of growing up.

we do realize our position as in where do we stand due to exams.we can differentiate between smart and weak students.students usually talk only to the smart ones and ignore the weaker ones.we do not even help such people in their difficulties.what if there were no exams? that thought rushes through my mind.

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many teenagers suicide due to exam stress as they are not confident enough to answer the paper every other day we hear about suicides in the country. it can be any other reason but the main reason is due to exams. after completing the paper students are still not sure if they will pass.and if they fail, they cannot take the pressure and opt for the most common and stupidiest method i.e.

suicide.students also find various ways to copy. for example- bringing chits in the exam hall, asking for answers, passing supplements and various other ways. Some students are careless about studies and hope to just pass in exams. one should not be so careless in life.

they should have some aim in life. Some simple methods can help a student grow better and confident in life.for instance, 1. one should be well versed with the portion 1 month before exams.if you are not, you start getting tension as you are not prepared get nervous and end up going blank while writing the paper. 2.

one should eat and sleep well and stay healthy during exams. eat less but have nourished food. 3.keep revising the chapters as they are taught. doing this may help the brain to memorise the answers quickly 4.even if you dont know the answer to the question write something related to it instead of leaving it blank.

who knows your answer maybe right. 5.if you go blank, do not panic. just calm yourself take deep breaths go to the next question a little later and then back to the same question 6. last minute revisions are not helpful as the brain grasps only for 15 seconds.

so whatever you mug up after 15 seconds will fly above your head. no one can stop exams from being conducted but we can reduce the anxiety and stress levels to some extent which will help us pass with flying colours. suciding wont help. why to end the precious life given to us by God? sucide complicates things and every person knowing you will not want to lose you. be optimistic and say YES to exams