Excess HW in teens

Teens are now loaded with homework. So much that they do not have time for being teens. Most students in my grade start making their homework at 2 or 3 pm and finish it at 11 or 12 pm , even at 2 am. We wake up at 5 or 6am for school. We have not made a party in months and we almost never have the time to hang out. Basically, do anything else that is not homework.

Right now I just finished an art home work for my art history class which is due tomorrow. Now, at 11pm, I have to study. I have sacrificed most of my extra curricular activities since I entered high school. Before, I did swimming, karate, took drawing and music classes in the afternoons. Now I just have soccer twice a week and a weekly hour of guitar classes on Friday, which are mostly cancelled by the amount of homework I receive. I do not understand, but why, if we are teens, do not live like them? Teens need to sleep at least eight or nine hours, while we sleep 7 to 5 or less hours daily.

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In this whole month, I have not have a single day in which I slept more than 7 hours, not even in weekends. We need solutions to this problems. Many countries, like France and Spain, are protesting. In the USA, and China, teens had tried and committed suicide because of the amount of homework they received.Those that do not die, get sick and their health gets poor because of the stress, lack of sleep, and eating habits that excess homework gives us. Please help and all solutions are welcomed.