Facial Hair and what Women Prefer

Restrictions on the presence of male hair are common and firmly rooted in the set of cultural practices and are taken for granted. Many would be about to consider the extent to which a man has to get to be respected in nowadays society. In fact, the man who “Dresses for Success” hides the most of the skin covered with hair, except the face, hands and skull. Hand skin produces only small amount of body hair, which is simply ignored. Socially skilled male gets facial hair removed in the morning and regularly visits the salon for a haircut , usually cuts no more than three inches at the top and narrows anything over the ears and neck . Whenever we see a little boy with short hair we offer comments about his appearance, calling him a “young man”.

When we recognize that facial hair is natural to the face of an older male, and that short haircut is a sign of subjugation, we feel that it is better to describe the man as one with the appearance of a small child. Individual men valuable your hair as usual presented and socio-psychological researches show that bearded men get more positive view than people shaved ones. Also we see a long-haired man as dominant ban and indomitable, and hair clippers religious and / or shaving are common among the world’s religions. However, a more practical level, it is expected that most of the men are with shaved faces and cropped hair on the head. It is suggested that our phrases and words give assumption of the properties of our presence with immediate effect, otherwise tell usour thoughts and behaviors. According to these idea, when it comes from a man who would succeed to examine carefully our words really aware of the concepts what those words mean in our mind.

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We do not ask a man to have a “haircut” if is considered as a good soldier or prisoner, or employee, we must agree that we are bothered about it as long as the hair cut is short enough. It is said that one man can take a positive decision to have a beard as well as the experienced and dedicated gardener can grow beautiful flowers in the mountains. One can say that facial hair is a sort of basic category and recognizes that a man can be brutal and can only continue to be positive when has his face scraped with a razor on a every day. People commonly use word combinations like “haircut” and “to grow a beard” clearly the fundamental polarization, social, oppose the recognition of the positive valuation of man’s hair. On the one hand men are denying the hair that we believe is more a part of the body of a man.

It is said that a man with hair on his face (has the mustache or beard) is values the hair as a piece of the cloth. This word “beard” is used in two ways, as, first, we can say that a person has a beard which may be light or heavy, even without the presence of hair is visible. In this sense of the verbal formula to refer to the tendency of development of hair follicles of a human face. In the second sense, which is more commonly used, the term is used to refer to the presence of naturally beard, facial hair undisturbed. The last application is certainly valid if the underlying reality of permanent facial hair naturally denies male. The best view point states that, even if men shave every day, they still have beards.

It can be removed and thrown away like a jacket or shawl offensive. With this change of definition, we recognize that all beards are natural for healthy men during their life. Those who mock the presence of long hair on a man, often blame a man in being untidy. In reality, however, is the nasty word used as a pejorative used to be a free man with long hair and a beard that you disapprove describe.To understand the feelings of our society in the evaluation of hair of males, it would be useful to review the literature from the lectures on psychology, anthropology, history of theology it would help in identifying the answers why men are engaged to cut their hear in the course of centuries.

Accept what so far has shown, is the preservation of their male staff includes critical issues. We see that the religions of the world to take note of the common practices of hair care for men. Often prohibit haircut of a head and a face. In few cases the skull haircut is religiously oriented, but facial shaving is rarely demanded, and the prices that apply to offer only weak support to the branch itself. Most academic, social researches, sciences widely agreed that the beards are held in higher esteem than positive with shaven faces. The position of the male long hair is wild is one that can be revised as modern man, as it was for the Celts ancient Germans.

Even the most common and most respected religious leaders in the world have their razors. Many of our people is not reputable religious, historical value are known to have been with the beard and longish hair. But today, most people in our society to shave every day and keep your hair cut short skull. The police and army are associated with personality traits of obedience and reliability, and the characteristics of the appearance of faces should be “washed and the hair cut short “. As a result of the correlation presented, we point out our first reinforcing agent for the idea that short hair, shaved face is good and right. More importantly, the short hair and lined faces of men became the standard for working class in this country.

The male appears to be adjusted to obtain the best of two sexes are present, first, of course, a man therefore leads to reliability and commitment, which we expect employer claims from a male person. Second, scraping the hair on your face tells the employer that work seeker is the most docile and obedient as a woman. The validity of this hypothesis is confirmed by many business women today, as are careful interviewing menswear appear at the top – shirt as a jacket and a dress shirt, but women in field – short enough skirt exposing hairless legs. The skull was cut short is another sign of submission to men and castration for the potential employer does not have to be a Freudian to appreciate the fact that hair removal penectomy symbolic skull, never asked by the employers from women in our society, prison or military authorities.How short hair and bare faces increasingly common in men of the working class, a distinction emerged to support the presumption that men unshaven are unproductive, less likely to work hard, or independently wealthy or in an advanced professional situation.

Psychologists made a computer able to generate faces as a result of a study in which women were able to rate a different faces a real man.As the result they received a face surprisingly with minor male features, and no evidence of facial or “robust” square jaw functions. Features Instead, typically female, as a smooth, rounded jaw and large eyes. It is thought that women treat men with such features of the face as those closer to their woman side, guys with such faces are believed to be more honest partners able to express the emotions a kind of “ideal friend” for all occasions.The face of the “ideal” supports the idea that women today increasing “nice” men like Brad Pitt and Jude Law as a sex symbol of the new millennium.The research psychologist, Tony Little, mentioned that women find attractive femininity in the faces of a men, because they are told that such men associate with the parental ability, honesty and co-operation.