While familiarizing myself with the different sources of energy, I came across different books that covered the field exhaustively particularly green energy.

The authors not only placed emphasis safest ways to produce reliable energy, but they also touched on the evolution of various sources of energy (see Jeffs, for example). The energy consumption of is ever increasing each day ever since the beginning of the industrial revolution in the mid 19th century. These authors discuss the history, development and the modern sources of energy that we use in our world today. My aim in this paper is to trace the importance of green energy and its effect on us today. There ar numerous sources of energy.

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There are renewable sources of energy and nonrenewable sources of energy. Renewable sources include solar, water and wind power. The non-renewable sources of energy include fossil fuels mainly oil, coal and natural gas. Coal has been widely used since it first use during the industrial revolution. Although it’s abundant, “it is also the most inefficient fuel in terms of the pollution it generates” (Hoffman, 152).

Burning fossil fuels releases carbon dioxide, “a green house gas that contributes to pollution and global warming” (Brainworks, 6). ).Due to the expansive destruction of the environment by these sources, humankind had to come up with alternaative cleaner sources of energy such as biofuels, bioalcohols and geothermal. The green sources are efficient and environmental friendly. Man had sought to harness nuclear energy as an alternative source to nonrenewable sources.

It is efficient and reliable. However, nuclear energy is prone to disasters such as the one in Chernobyl and the Three Mile Island accident which “drastically increased public suspicion of nuclear power and opposition to nuclear waste sites” (Mulvaney, 422).To ensure the safety of humankind, there is need to seek only alternative energy sources. They have minimum emission of the greenhouse gases. Let’s go green.