Field Research

Field research is an important tool of study as it enables the researchers to get first-hand information from the field. As such, the findings from a field research are often free of racial or ethnic bias as it is upon the researcher to analyze it without being influenced by other people’s opinions. This is quite different from data analysis where a researcher goes to the library and compiles his or her findings based data obtained earlier by other people. Ideally, the details of such pre-existing findings would be seriously distorted making them more subjective than objective facts. Besides, a personal encounter with the subjects of study in the field would enable the researcher to ask for clarifications where they don’t understand clearly.

This makes field research a superior tool for study (Mbego, 2008). Although the Latino street gangs are quite violent and troublesome, a field research can still be relevant in studying their way of life. However, the researcher would have to reduce themselves to the level of a gang member in order to get the right information. For instance, a researcher may need to integrate into the group as though he or she is not interested in what the gang does. This should be done until the gang feels sufficiently comfortable with the researcher to the extent of giving him the details of their lifestyle. It should be at that point that the researcher should start recording the information he or she gets while at the same time comparing it with what is actually observed.

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Essentially, the Ethnography Field Trip could not achieve much because it was a large group. As such, the Latino street gang would not be free to constructively engage with them. That’s why the best approach would individual-based study done over a long period of time (Burgess, 2010). In conclusion, field research remains the superior form of study. Although it may be quite demanding in time and resources, it can be relevant for any kind of research proposal if the right strategy is applied.