Report On Religious Field Research

Various misconceptions strike our minds whenever we think about the Islamic religion. One of these misconceptions is that of the Islamic threat or Islamic Fundamentalism that has been perceived by everyone, mostly by the western through the media. It has been so due to the actions of some Muslims in the context of holly war or jihad in Arabic, making one concludes that Islam is associated with terrorism. Although most Muslims would consider their religion to strike a balance between action and faith it is considered by many, mostly non-Muslims to be fatalistic. This misconception is brought about by the fact that Muslims utter, “praise be to God” whether good or bad happens.

This is due to their presumption that God knows and controls everything that happens, as He plans and gives what is best for humankind. Muslims are assumed to worship a different God. Christians and other non-Muslims believe that there is only one true God who created the Heavens, the Earth and all that exists on it, and that He is the only one worthy of praise. Muslims worship of “Allah” which simply is the Arabic name for God as it is mentioned in Qur’an, the rejection of the idea of the Holy Trinity or that He, God, incarnated Himself in the world has made most of the non-Muslims to doubt their believe in God. The Qur’an, which is the Muslims’ equivalent to the Holy Bible, is written in Arabic, the language of worship in the Mosque by th Muslims is Arabic. This has made many to conclude that Islam is simply a religion for Arabs.

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Although there are Muslims all over the globe, their language in worship does not change regardless of their location whether in America or Africa. Another misconception of the Islam is that of unequal treatment of women. Women are treated with a lot of sternness especially when it comes to their mode of dressing as postulated by the Muslim community. Women are expected to be very submissive to their husbands and have no power when it comes to the decision-making even if the decisions affect them directly.After my visit to the Sheikh, I was at last enlightened on some of the issues I considered controversial to the Muslim community.

One of these issues is on terrorism and Holly war. Holly war or jihad is sort according to comprehension of Islam and the direction and rulings of the scholars and state leaders. Islam evidently forbids terrorism. Jihad has been used by some of the misguided individuals to instil terror that is not in line with the teachings of the Islam. The idea that Islam is a fatalistic religion that is brought about by the fact that Muslims are trained to utter “Praise is to God!” is as a result that Muslims know Almighty God is the provider of all things whether good or bad and whatever happens must be for the better.

Islam’s teachings outlines that human beings can act in their lives as long as it is according to the teachings of Muuhammad. Muslims also believe in one God, Allah, who created the entire Universe and humankind. Allah is simply the Arabic for God. It is only that they differ with other religions especially the Christians as Muslims reject believe in the Holy Trinity or incarnation of God in the world. They too believe that He is the only one worthy to worship. It is believed that approximately 15% to 20% Muslims are Arabs.

The presumption that Islam is a religion entirely for Arabs is wrong. It is only that Islam originated from the Arabs and thus the Qur’an in Arabic. Over the years, Muslims made their effort to spread the Islamic religion all over the world.There exists misconception of religion individuals as everyone considers his or her own religion to be the true religion. Christians for instance argues that Christianity is the only true religion whereas Muslims argue for their religion.

As their several religions in the entire world, every person supports their religion as it has been ingrained in their blood. This is as the result of it being passed down the generations. One is born in a family of a certain religious background, grows to believe in it, and takes it to be the true faith. In order to minimize the misconception, the entire population should be enlightened on different types of religion. People should be educated on those religion other than their own, to be accommodative and considerate when looking into those faiths in a more positive perspective.