Report on the Religious Life of Planet Earth

People should not only have a belief but also contribute, participate, relinquish and devote their lives in living and having faith in their deity.

I observed and researched what and how the people of Earth worship, how often they praise or worship their deity and what they do while practicing these traditions of beliefs. In this human journey for finding sense, some turn to philosophy, the creative arts, and the collective of humans develop or settle to belong to some form of religion. Now that you understand or are able to view my perception of religion, I will give you examples of behavior or beliefs I observed during my visit to Earth.

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The first thing that I saw was the fact; Earth and its people are separated by many regions and variations of religions. What I mean by this is currently Earth has about 43 belief systems and within these beliefs there are many different sects (Religion Facts). According to a website I looked at there are over 12 main categories and 25 sub categories such as a religion called Christianity with example sects like Catholic, Baptist, Episcopal, Lutheran, Methodist and Pentecostal (wiki answers).

There are many other religions on earth but Christianity is the largest. What I have observed from Christianity and the different sects within. They all worship a figure or what was once a man that lived named Jesus the Son of God or the Son of Man, which died in order to save the people of the world from their sins so they would have eternal life. This religion has 39 different versions of a book they call the Holy Bible. This religion is observed and is wide spread throughout the planet (Christianity. com).

Christianity is now extensively split into tens of thousands of faith assemblies, large and small. About 50% of persons who recognize themselves as Christians are Roman Catholics (Current Status of Christianity). People that consider themselves as Christians, worship in buildings called churches and go to this place once a week on a day what is called Sunday, considered the day of rest. During the week they seem to pray or live their lives to a degree that exalts and praises the deity called “God” as so they have eternal life.

Another example would be a religion called Buddhism that worships or follows the beliefs or teachings of the deity called “Buddha”. The one they call Buddha or the “Awaken One” or the “Enlightened One” and they live by the teachings called “Dharma” that is the correct conduct for each person according to their own level of awareness (Fisher, 2011).

Some of the main areas of Earth are located in the Western Hemisphere in places called China, Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia. Buddhism is divided into three sub sects Theravada, Mahayana, Vajrayana.

The scripters or texts used in worship here are called the Pali Canon and numerous Mahayana sutras. These people conduct worship in what is called a temple or meditation hall (Buddhism). What I had observed during my visit it that the function of religion appears to be a term that helps people clarify theories not understood, helps in maintaining moral values and plays a vital role in the earth and religion history, considering that most proof about ancient times was handed down and distributed through religious groups over time.

Some people on Earth, that consider themselves religious, spend their days reflecting on the logic of trusting in the existence of God or any higher power. When in reality all they are doing is living according to an explicit way of seeing things and a influenced set of values. They participate in acts of worship to be or feel inspired.