Following The Rules?

As you grow up, the way you look and the way you carry yourself is very important. You are supposed to learn these things throughout your school career.

By middle school, there is confusion on what you should and shouldn’t do. Now, most people our age will know right from wrong; but then there are the people with conscientious stupidity who know what’s right and do wrong anyway. The rules about your attire and the way you carry yourself are important. I am all for dress code and carrying yourself appropriately. Unfortunately, there is a lack of enforcement throughout the schools.

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They say they enforce the rules, but kids find ways to contradict them. Most of the kids my age would probably take the opposing side on our schools dress code. The kids may say that there aren’t actually written rules on what people can and cannot wear, and they do have a good point. Our teachers, principal and other adults in our school try to enforce the dress code. What they forget is how are we supposed to know what we are allowed to wear.

Yes, they may have told us what’s right and wrong. But, what teachers don’t realize is that we are teenagers. We are in middle school and almost everything you say is going in through one ear and out the other. Usually, there is no solution for this. There is the option of putting it in the student handbook and actually enforcing the rules to everyone that walks through the doors. But instead they don’t.

The way they enforce the rules is ridiculous. The boys sag their jeans so you can see their butts. They can barely walk or maybe I should say wobble down the hall because their jeans are hanging out around their ankles. Plus, half of them are wearing belts! It’s ridiculous. The girls are even worse! There shirts hang lower then their waist, their jeans are so tight its like they are a part of your skin and you hear “clackity clack” in the hall from the 5 inch platform boots that are being worn. You may be saying who cares! But it is a distraction.

Let me tell you a little story. We were in class one day and my geometry teacher was teaching a lesson. One of the girls came in and was putting up the graph on the board as she was asked. By the way, this girl is in jeans as tight as can be. She turns around and reaches up and all the guys in the class start staring at her butt. We are getting ready for a big test coming up and they are staring at her butt! Moments later I get a note from a friend saying one thing that the four of them agreed was that the girl putting the graph up in the front of the room had a nice butt! The distraction is ridiculous! During the spring, girls like to wear shorts and tank tops.

We are once again back, to girls’ shirts hanging below their waist with their privacy hanging out. Then there is a new topic, shorts. Girls get to wear shorts with a side of “enforcement.” Apparently the teachers say that your shorts should be an inch above your knee or longer. But instead of wearing shorts that stop an inch above your knee, the girls are wearing shorts that are mini, mini, mini shorts that practically allow you to see there underwear.

Now, remember that word contradiction? I am going to introduce you to a new word, hypocrisy! Teachers and other adults in our school are hypocrites. They say what we can and cannot wear but they wear the same things. Of course they are a little bit better with the attire. But, they have no right to tell the students that they cannot wear flip-flops. This is because they end up wearing flip-flops themselves, then they tell us that they are invisible and we cannot see them.

As far as we know they are wearing sneakers. So, the girls in the school decide to put a sticker on their foreheads saying, “Our shoes are invisible. You cannot see them. Just ask my science teacher. She said so.

” Then you are pulled into the office anyway and given a warning. The hypocrisy in the school from the teachers from this school is unbelievable as you can see. Everyone should be treated fairly, teachers and students. So the final question is should the enforcement of dress code be increased and should the rules apply to everyone? The answer is yes; the rules should apply to everyone. There should not be any hypocrisy or contradictions.

The rules are the rules and if they are going to have a dress code policy then they should enforce it everyday and to everyone and anyone. Honestly, people are tired of seeing half naked boys and girls running around the school. Boys, pull up your pants, cover your butt and do not let your boxers be visible. Girls, pull up you shirts and wear some pants. Teachers, stop contradicting everything you say as well as set a good example for your students. You say they are wild but did you ever think that, that might be because you won’t enforce the rules?