Rules, Rules, Rules

Here’s some great news! Students in Mr.O’s writing workshop class now have rules to follow and they might just get a say in what those are! You need rules in every classroom, but what should they be? When is there just one rule to many? That’s what I wanted to find out. I asked three people in class what they think the rules should be, and just about how many rules are too many and I got some really interesting answers. Lizzie’s quite a smart kid she says that she believes the number one rule should be to “stay open minded”. She thinks that if a student does not follow this rule they should have to read a more personal piece in front of the class.

Two more students, Alex and Cassie say other kids should “respect other peoples work”. They say that the students “are not stupid” and will follow these rules with ease. “Stay open minded”, and “respect other peoples work” are great rules, but I think the most important rule of all should be have fun! You picked this class on your own so you should enjoy it, learn what you came here to learn, make new friends, and make sure you write everything down. When you get to pick out your classes at least make the best of it, and don’t let anything bring you down. Write about things you like whenever possible, showing your “true colors” in your writing is really important! The number of rules a class has is really important in order to keep the students both safe and interested in the class.

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I asked three students “How many rules do you think there should be?” and they all answered the same thing. In order to keep the class a safe learning environment, but keep us (the students) interested there should be at least five but no more than ten rules. You read it here first. Respect other students, don’t be mean, stay open minded, and most of all have fun if you want to do well in Mr.O’s class!