Obey the Rules and Regulation For Business Day

Business Day is an event where kids learn to manage money and have an experience to sell things. Business Day 2016 will be held in the Highscope main building from 8:30 until 1:00. There are a lot of things that can happen in business it is either good thing or the bad thing. To prevent the bad thing in business day for example a fight between the government and the seller we would have to follow the rules and regulations. By following the rules and regulations in Business Day, people that participate in business day could prevent accidents in Business day like fire. By following the Rules and Regulations for Business Day 2016, the day will run smoothly.

By following the rules that the government provided, like not using plastic we could save the environmentby only selling food, drinks and games we could prevent ourselves from deforestations. If we follow the rule for paying taxes or paying for the electricity as we should pay it, it is sure that the 2016 Business Day will run smoothly as it should be. We should also have appropriate attire to wear and also an appropriate name so that parents will not be offended. If the seller is thinking of hawking they only can do it 15 minutes before the Business day is over. By following the rules business day 2016 can run smoothly. If the sellers does not follow the rule, the seller will get a penalty as much as Rp.

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20.000- For some people they disagree because we are not allowed to use the clothing we want. Because, It is not a must to wear appropriate clothing, the seller are allowed to wear whatever they want and most sellers are bothered that the fact the sellers can’t wear clothes that can make them stand out. In conclusion, the sellers are supposed to follow the rules and regulation of business day so that the day can run well. For the government, the sellers need to revise the rules, so that the sellers also consider the rules So that the sellers consider the rule.