For the Love of College


A word that almost everyone hears at least once in school. Applying for college is a very stressful time. Students have to know what college they want to go to,what their major is, how they are going to pay for it and what their minor is going to be and this is for the rest of your life. The pressure high school/college kids are under is ridiculous. College is 2 and ? and the inflation rate back in 1986. Kids and teens in this generation have to work longer before they retire.

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Many adults say that this generation have nothing to be stressed out about but that doesn’t seem true.Some teenagers are expected to go to college because that’s what socially the teens were taught. But then if they don’t go to college many are looked down upon and they aren’t going to do anything with their life, spo what can this generation do right? Constantly this generation is judged for whatever he/she may do if it’s not exactly socially acceptable. But enough is enough, do whatever makes someone happy. If someone doesn’t want to go to college then they don’t have to go.

If someone wants to go to college then they can. Let people live their life and they need to stop being judged for it.