Framing Crew

The activities carried out by each contractor can be broken down into smaller activities. The first contractor who is those who prepares the site for construction performs the following tasks.

The first undertaking is to clear the ground i.e. They remove rocks, trees and debris that may be on the site of the planned house. The next task they perform is the leveling off the ground; they ensure that for foundation will be laid. The third and the final task undertaken by the contractor is to lay the foundation of the house, the tasks to be carried out under this depend on the type of foundation, but the main tasks include; digging holes and trenches for the foundation, pouring concrete into the trenches, which is then left to dry for four weeks and fitting perforated pipes and gravel, so as to keep the foundation dry.

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The next contractor is the framing crew. Their first task is to lay the floor; they then build walls ensuring that they cover them with plywood. The next step they undertake under the construction of walls is to fit the walls with lumber. They cover the walls windows and doors, ensuring they fit headers on both windows and doors. They put up the interior walls of the house, and finally they construct the walls of the garage, which are little different, because they will be fitted with a slab door. The third contractor roofs the house.

The contractor sets up trusses to the roof, using a crane, the team then covers the roof with an orient strand board. The third activity is to erect an unusual roof over the porch and the breezeway the fourth activity carried out by the contractor is to fit windows and doors, they are fitted within one day. The next activity is to roof the house using asphalt shingles; this step involves building a vent ridge, putting building paper on the roof and putting aluminum flashings on the roof. The last activity is to put up sidings. The fourth contractor will carry out plumbing on the building. He is tasked with setting up a septic tank for the house, installing sewer lines from the sinks and toilets to the septic tank; the taps should be fitted with “p” traps, and a vent pipe should be installed to allow the escaping of vacuum.

The electrician fits boxes, drills holes for wires and clips and caps the electrical wires. The next activity carried out by out by the contractor is insulation, foam channels and vapor barriers, and the last activity carried out is to put up the dry wall and tape, also the garage slab is constructed by this contractor. The fifth and the final contractor is the one who puts the finishing touch to the house. His first task is to put down the underlayment’s, HVCA to put air and heating conditioners, the electrician installs lighting fixtures, the cabinet company installs cabinets and water ,and sewer lines are connected by the municipal council or a private contractor. ACTIVITY DEPARTMENT COMPLETION DATES PROGRESS COST planned actual planned actual $ Site preparation site prep crew 12 weeks 13 weeks 100% 100% 20000 Framing framing 3 weeks 4 weeks 80% 40% 15000 ; Windows & doors framing 1 week 1 week 100% 20% 5000 Roofing framing 1 week 1 week 80% 10% 9000 Electrical Plumbing 2 weeks 2 weeks 60% 10% 5000 Plumbing plumbing 3 weeks 2 weeks 40% 10% 5000Insulation plumbing 1 week 1 week – – 3000 HVCA plumbing 1 week I week – – 11000 Dry wall plumbing I week 1 week – – 2000 Underlayment furnishing 1 week 1 week – – 3000 Painting furnishing 1 week 1 week – – 1500 Cabinets & counters p; furnishing 1 week 1 week – – 7000 Carpet & flooring furnishing 1 week 1 week – – 5000 Sewer installation furnishing 1 week 1 week – – 4000 Water installation furnishing 1 week 1 week – – 1000 The various contractors should perform their contracts as planned, or the various departments will perform their contracts as planned. If the actual performance time for the contract differs from the planned completion time, then the project will not be performed on time and the projected time for the contract will not be met.

Contractors with critical activities will have to perform for the project to succeed; the critical activities in the project are site preparation, construction of floor and wall, roofing, plumbing and furnishing. The contractors or departments have to perform, so that the project can be a success. The cost projected has to be met to ensure that it is within the budget. There can be a deficit, if cost is more than allocated money, or there can be a surplus if the contractor performs his part for less.Contracts for the performance of tasks within the project will be tendered through an open process.

The winning bids will be chosen through a competitive process. The contractor, who can perform his contract efficiently, but with the smallest cost to the firm, will be chosen. The winning contractors will receive their contracts and will be paid upon the successful completion of their tasks. Because J homebuilders puts quality forward before cutting costs, those contractors who can perform the contract at low costs but not of the set quality expected, will not be given the contract. After the project is approved, the budget will not be allowed to change, the amount allocated to each task must be strictly met by the contractors, time allocated for performance can be allowed to change slightly in response to variables like weather and deliverables will not be allowed to vary i.e.

Contractors must meet their contract as specified, and perform the contract as agreed. The contractors will be expected to perform their contracts within the expected time. So as to provide information to the project management team, constant analysis will be carried out to analyze the percentage completed. The contractor’s feedback will also be sought on the performance of his contract. Changes to the master plan will not be acceptable, but only in areas with unavoidable circumstances. J&K homebuilders will expect the house to be completed and ready to be occupied within six months.

If a contractor is not able to meet the terms and conditions of the contract, then a new contractor shall be sought to complete the contract and the contractor who did not meet his contract shall be paid for the amount of work completed. The percentage of work done shall be analyzed from time to time by the management of J&K homebuilders. Contractors are expected to finish their tasks on time, so that the house shall be completed on time as planned.