I’d always liked my school. Nice peaceful place, calm environment and great people around me.

I’d come in to this school when I was ten and I’d really liked it then. The people made me feel comfortable as I’d come from someplace else. But everything changed when me and my classmates turned thirteen. There are no easy words to describe this – the peaceful rapport I had with my friends changed. They labelled me and my buds ‘the little kids’ while the others formed the ‘cool gang’. When we turned fourteen, people in my class began dating.

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Everyday I would hear them whisper and giggle about who proposed whom and who got dumped. Anyone who didn’t have a partner was deemed as a person who didn’t have any knowledge about the world. Is it necessary to have a girlfriend to be happy? One thing led to another and before I knew it bullying creeped into my life. Everyday I would hear the same old snickering and crass-talk. People began calling me names and treated me like I was some sort of a disease. There seemed to be a wall in between me and my classmates that I couldn’t cross because I never went with the flow.

I always had my own choices and knew how to voice them. The biggest shock in these seven years came when my own best friend back-stabbed me. Since then my belief in things like trust ceased a lot. Now I’m turning sixteen and everyday I look back at all thats happened. These seven years with my classmates had been frivolous. What was the point of all those fights and silly jokes? They weren’t helpful then and will never be.

Having a relationship is important but publicising it for popularity isn’t. The one thing I realized was that only true friends stay while the others are just plain show. I found friends in the most unexpected people. I vented out my feelings on this page and if any sad soul is reading this I just wanna tell him/her that such crap always happens. If you are true to yourself then that’s enough to lead a happy life. So keep calm love yourself and stay happy!!!!