From the outside looking in

With seven billion individuals stranded on one planet together, two specimens have yet to be found which are absolutely the same in their entirety. It goes without saying that I have more knowledge on myself and my feelings than any of the other seven billion individuals; regardless of which emotion I choose to portray in that moment, I am unquestionably entitled to feel the way I do, no explanations necessary. Although my physique remains the same, the personality inhibiting it is utterly transposable. Monday is spent lively, vigorous, smiling ear to ear with no specific cause. Tuesday strikes and sarcasm decides to take hold of the reigns in my mind. Wednesday is driven to complete the task strewn before my eyes through a high of pure enthusiasm.

The week must go on, but in a case such as this one it can be deemed unnecessary due to the fact that those mentioned are most significant. Bubbly. Without a doubt, this is my favorite of my wide array of attitudes. It is days like this that the saying, “let the things that once bored you, suddenly thrill you”, comes into perspective. The world seems to shine a bit brighter, ordinarily boring customs sparkle and shine as if they were new again. A giggle can be heard exploding from my body like fireworks, despite whether an even mildly humorous remark had been made or not.

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I sport a natural high as if it is the season’s hottest, have-to-have handbag. Delight rushes from my pores, and every ounce of my being shrieks positivity. The glow radiating from my aura is an enchantingly infectious bug that my peers catch enthusiastically. The benefits resultant of this mood would merely be selfish if they were limited to myself. I have blown an irresistible bubble of joy that cannot be popped thanks to its cheerful contagion. Anyone can be entrapped into this mindset.

The positive consequence of this behavior causes this state of mind to be all the more attractive to me Sarcastic. Whether you are the victim or just so happen to be a fortunate spectator, this particular disposition is a sight to see. The retaliations spattering from my lips seem to be anything but of my control. No matter whom the target may be, my mind is ruthless in its seemingly pointless revenge. Some days I have absolutely no reason to be mad at the world, and that is adequate reason enough.

There is no promise hell will not break lose once you are on my bad side. More often than not, these retorts are merely a case of hormonal inconveniences. Granted, it would be quite unusual to spew those words to the public. On the sporadic instances when my retorts are warranted, I cannot help but laugh at the astonished faces of those I have wounded with embarrassment. Ambitious.

Drive, motivation, and determination: all unspoiled explanations of my relentless approach towards my academics. I am entirely compelled to try my best; my best taking hours at times, due to my ill-fated perfectionism. Grades are a direct reflection of effort and level of desired triumph. With this in mind, it is more than agitating to hear students complaining about the product of their labor, or lack thereof. Instead of persisting at a losing game, they should make an effort to remain ahead of the game, coming out as a victor who conquered the inevitable. Exiting a stressful situation on top is the most relieving feeling.

When my mindset in stuck in this phase, I am unstoppable; my productivity is shot through the roof. Everyone perceives the world in a different light. Some days I see rainbows, others my sky screams storm clouds. Through careful analysis of myself, I have individualized the most important attributes of my personality. Depending on the day, I may be effervescent, overindulging in the wonders everyday life has to offer, a contagious smile bouncing of my face and unto my neighbors. Or there is the possibility that someone says something out of the ordinary and I use this to my advantage, retorting a statement regarding their stupidity.

As for Monday through Friday, I can only hope to be immovable from my most productive of moods. The human mind is a complex being to say the least, through all the perplexive, diverse emotions, it is necessary to discover not only yourself, but an equilibrium between the various characters fashioned within yourself.