Frontiers of Superfood

1. Canada is the next-generation of functional foodstuffs.

2. People don’t think of canada when discussing where tropical fruits are grown. This is the author’s opinion. 3. I can infer that Canada has a lot of other resources rather than just lumber,and hockey. A large amount of food products are produced in Canada.

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4. The cause of food being produced in Canada is because of how close Canada is to the u.s. It would be cheaper and easier. The food will be healthier. 5.

The effect of getting food from canada is that canada gets a large amount of money. The food is healthier. The u.s. saves money. Americans are healthier This article is informing us about trading between us and Canada.

It is also about improving food. The food is experimented on and tested. The reason is to make healthier foods, and more nutritious foods. The article explains how food products are tested and improved.The articles names all of the places where the food is produced.

It shows the experiments taken place on the food products. It shows how the scientists extract the antioxidants from pomegranates and other fruit. They inform the reader on the benefits of having antioxidant-rich food in the american diet. It is stated in the article that these antioxidants could cure maladies ranging from cancer to erectile disfunction. The article shows what scientists extract from different foods such as wheatgrass, pomegranates, raw cacao,and acai berries.The foods made with these extracts will be much healthier compared to what the u.

s. has now. This is a really informative article on the superfood chain.