Future Decisions

Future Decisions Anthony Obrique Period 5 English Language Arts Ms. Bozigian June 1, 2016 Imagine this: You are in high school and you want to apply for an after school program in the future. You see which programs are available and you see a program which you truly love and good at.

However, your teacher says that the program you want is full and they cannot take any more people. You feel very disappointedknowing that the program you love so much and have so much passion toyouis full. You do not want to try anything else, but you know that itis the only solution for you to do. What are you going to do if you are that person? Are there some other options you would want to experience? Supposedly, there are solutions to these problems and those solutions are going to make you more content. Always have alternatives or other choices.

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One way to overcome these types of problemsis to have an open mind. You can open up your mind to something that can give you an experience or you can open to something else that is a bit related to what you actually want. In your high school years, you are always going to have a lot of decisions to make and you need to always have an openmind when doing this. Having an open mind to experience something can leave a person to having more choices or options and not just being stuck into something you cannot get. There are just way too many alternative choices we have and if you see something that is interesting to you, all you need is to put your best interest into it. It might be something you do not want to do, but always give other choices a try and that is when decision making plays a major role for your future life.

This is one type of solution you can have to freshen up your mind a little bit. Another way to overcome these types of problems is to be positive with your decision-making. Sure, it may seem hard to make a decision on what you want to join, but you cannot be negative about it or else it will be harder for you to make these decisions. To make it easier, you have to be fullypositive about it. That way, you can make decisions easier about what you want. Say that for instance , you do not like the selection of things you don’t want or want to do, but you should give it a try and be happy with whatever decision that you come up with as how they say, there is no harm in trying.

There are a lot of people out there who hate how their job worksbut at the same time, you have to be patient with it until you get used to it.. That is how they make a lot of money, that is how they become successful, having the patience counts! That is why being positive makes a strong effect in the future. It may not seem to be easy, but it is a process that could help anyone in decision making. This was another type of solution that will help you throughout your life. Sure, I know that it is hard for some people to make these decisions, but it is part of your life.

First of all, I think that everyone should be able to like any other things that they do not like. Yes, there is no harm in trying! It makes the person feel angry, disappointed, and irritated to do it this way,but later on, you might like it and it will help you further your decision making solutions.Mostly people would have these decisions because there would be a lot of people volunteering for what they want to do so as to give it a try on something else. Second of all, some people think that they should do something else while other people are just contented on being stuck into one thing without trying other things. I feel like everybody should know that there are alternatives/options out there.

It may not seem easy to pick what you want, but if you want something, pick something that is fairly similar to what you want. That is why decision making is challenging but useful as long as one uses their mind wisely when choosing. It guides you through your life and it will help you get what you want or what you wanted to attain in your life. Finally, I think that it will always be possible to be in the situation where one gets into making hard decisions. I thinkparent involvement will be of big help when you make a decision.

You could also ask your close friend on their opinion about your choices. Decision making is not that easy, it is something that you really have to think deeply, it will be a challenging experience but itwill make you ahappy person once you get to where you want to be. You also need to be positive about your decisions and make it happen. When you are given a choice that you don’t really like or expect for instance a school course, or a work position, maybe just it a try and if it does not work well for you then move on to right decision making, something that will work out well and good for you. Just remember to decide wisely, patiently, and involve the people around you that you know will surely help you out.Hopefully, these decision makingwill get you through life successfully in the near future.