GIFC Case Study

Louis Area but worldwide. The first step s to establish and agree up the vision/goals of the organization making sure this is demonstrated and represented In the next flee to ten years. Where are we now? Where do we want to go? How will we get there? While the violin statement with provide a perspective on where GIFT plans to be in the future (Bateman & Snell, peg 139).

Additionally, all board members must agree with the direction of the vision/ mission statements. Creating a vision for the company can provide the company with a goal.

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By having a goal it is easier to eliminate any ideas that do not support the true outlook. Next, GIFT will conduct a Competitor Analysis this would to take a look at the competitors in the Industry to understand how they are faring In the Italian restaurant arena. When doing this It is Important to also research how their products match up against the larger competitors like Olive Garden, Fossil’s and Macaroni Grill. Using this information will be helpful in creating a well devised course of action.

It will also be very advantageous in devising a plan to differentiate GIFT. If the Competitor Analysis yields great dividends for the company, GIFT should insider expanding operations and open more locations in the Midwest where growth Is rampant. The target group should college students and young adults with children. Additionally, GIFT must examine Internal strengths and weaknesses within the organization. Some things to consider are: How will GIFT be affected financially with the new direction and changes that are coming.

Will your managers and employees be able to handle to new work load or will the hiring of new personnel be required? What about employee benefits and compensation? How will training and labor relations be affected by the new changes? Once these topics have been discussed and agreed upon the board needs to create an action plan.

Using market research, past experience, and basing your plan upon the vision and mission of the company is the best way to reveal the next phase of GIFT.

In conjunction with the above suggestions it is imperative that you conduct a SOOT analysis. A SOOT analysis will devise current and future Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats to the plan. For GIFT the SOOT will be to use to plan for the next five to ten years. As stated in our text a SOOT analysis helps managers summarize the elevate, Important facts from their external and Internal analyses.

GIFT can Identify the primary and secondary strategic issues their organization may be facing (Bateman & Snell, peg. 46). The board members can create a strategy that will capitalize on business planning and help an organization achieve its goals. GIFT will transition into the Strategy Implementation, where it is determined if the plans implemented actually work. The board members will need to take a look at the entire process to ensure Tanat It Is 1) In-line Walt ten Nilsson Ana violin statement AT ten company.

) Meeting goals that were initially executed in the beginning stages of reorganization. 3) Does the plan actually work?