Company: Context IntegrationCustomer: GoCargo.comSubmitted by: HotwirePRGoCargo.com is a shipping industry innovator that created the first B2B exchange for international maritime container shipments.

Client Challenge

GoCargo.com recognized the opportunity for a Web-based solution to compete in the recently deregulated container shipping market. Because of inefficient market pricing and historic fragmentation within the industry, GoCargo.com was an innovative approach to eliminating market inefficiencies and capturing information previously unavailable to all shippers and carriers.

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GoCargo.com needed to provide a compelling Web site to attract buyers and sellers in order to create value through its innovative business model. Time-to-market deployment was critical to capture first-to-market status.

Context Integration Approach and Deliverables

GoCargo.com engaged Context Integration to rapidly design and build its digital marketplace.

Context’s engagement began with a Web Opportunity Workshop (WOW). This strategic exercise enabled the Context/GoCargo.com team to quickly crystallize business concepts, validate requirements and establish an overall technical and creative design direction. Based on Moai’s platform for auction-based digital marketplaces, Context Integration created a reverse-auction platform. The platform offers importers and exporters lower shipping prices gained from online competitive bidding, instant reach to multiple service providers with a single entry of their customized shipment request, and elimination of the hassle and cost of negotiation. GoCargo.com also allows qualified ocean carriers and freight forwarders to tap into demand on trade routes with excess capacity, extend their reach to new customers worldwide, and significantly reduce their sales costs.


The Context Integration team met GoCargo.com’s business objectives and delivered a functional digital marketplace in less than 10 weeks, allowing GoCargo.com to capture first-to-market status. Within the first week of launch, GoCargo.com exceeded its targets for registered users.

Context Integration continues to work with GoCargo.com to enhance the solution and is supporting the company through applications management and support service.