Company: Context IntegrationCustomer: TenantDirect.comSubmitted by: HotwirePRTenantDirect.com, a Los Angeles, California based company, is positioning itself to be the next generation, de facto standard for Web-based property management solutions. By combining its expertise in real estate, commitment to excellent customer service, and the convenience of the Internet, TenantDirect.com intends to provide an effective (and more profitable) way to manage income-producing property.

Business Challenge

Having identified a market need for a Web-based real estate portfolio management, TenantDirect.com needed to create a secure, scalable and reliable site.

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To launch an e-commerce initiative which would provide an opportunity for investors and property managers a streamlined operations center to maximize the benefits of their real estate portfolios.

Why Context?

“We selected Context Integration for this project because of the company’s deep technology expertise, as well as its reputation within the services industry for building complex, reliable solutions that are designed to scale as traffic grows,” said Tim Siegel, CEO of TenantDirect.com. “By enhancing the offering with personalization features to manage our users’ real estate portfolios, we can provide our users with a quality experience designed to increase their property management effectiveness and return on investment.”

Technical Solution

Context Integration created the site by incorporating Microsoft’s Internet Information Service™, Active Server Pages™, and Sequel Server 7.0™ on an NT platform.

The personalized site offers complex transaction capabilities, and provides scalability and security while offering maximum value for end-users.


TenantDirect.com offers investors and property managers 24/7 accessibility to tools that increase customer service and satisfaction, reduce operating costs, increase return on investment opportunities, and attract – and retain – tenants and residents. The site also features an auto payment system with TenantDirect.com partner CheckFree.com, to allow end-users a means to obtain direct rental payments online.