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Company: Context IntegrationCustomer: & HaasSubmitted by: HotwirePRRohm and Haas ( is a specialty chemical company whose products consistently improve the quality of life for people around the world. Rohm and Haas technology is found in paints and coatings, adhesives and sealants, household products, personal computers and electronic components, and construction materials. It also helps bring food to the table – fruits and vegetables – and salt, an essential ingredient for life. Rohm and Haas has annual sales revenue of about $6.7 billion. It employs more than 21,000 people and operates facilities in 25 countries.

Rohm & Haas launched to serve as an online paint resource for individual consumers, contractors, painting professionals, and paint retailers.

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Business Challenge

The site’s sophisticated functionalities needed to reach both consumer and business partner audiences. Time to market was key, as needed to reach the marketplace before the next painting season (typically March – October) began.


To create a site that reaches consumers, contractors, retailers, architects, and other paint users, in order to provide information and education from trusted industry leaders about high-quality paints.

To provide answers to frequently asked questions, and provide users with online tools, which allow users to visually redecorate rooms in real-time.

Why Context?

“We selected Context Integration because of its experience and proven successes in building creative Web-solutions,” said Joan Schuller, global PQI director, Rohm and Haas. “In addition, Context’s collaborative environment and work process fit our company’s project needs. We are pleased with the final results.”

Technical Solution

Context Integration built using Microsoft Active Server Pages and Microsoft Internet Information Server to meet existing technology standards, and to facilitate maintenance of the applications. Context Integration also developed testing platforms to ensure the site’s scalability. Context Integration also leveraged its solutions development and project management methodology, ContextWISEÔÔ, to ensure a scalable and reliable e-commerce solution.


Context Integration met Rohm & Haas’ goal to create an online information portal for paint consumers. The site’s functionalities include a Paint Problem Solver, Encyclopedia of Painting, Manage Your Paint Job, Q&A, News and Special Items, Steps to Success, an Design Center pages for user information, education, and problem-solving.

The site also features Visualize It, an interactive online decorator that allows users to “paint” rooms with selected paint textures and colors. The secure, reliable, and scalable site was built in seven months.