Large Vermont Cow

This is a painting that I had come across after looking for pictures to hang on the wall of our house. It was then that I discovered this image of a rather strange yet fun looking cow and found it to be very humorous.

As it does draw attention towards itself because it is rather unusual considering that parts of the cow’s body are larger than others, it holds a much deeper meaning. This painting was done by an American artist by the name of Warren Kimble, a well-known folk artist. His choice of light, pastel colours really helps people viewing it feel connected as it presents a warmer, softer atmosphere. It is very simple, yet appealing and its abstract state catches the eye very well. It also helps that there is a main focus to the image, which is the cow yet he does keep other aspects, such as a red barn, in view just off in the distance.

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Although it is disproportioned, there is humour in it that I find very appealing and calming. For many, especially those out in the country, they can relate to this painting which I find is what every artist wants to do, connect to the people, in which case, Warren did a phenomenal job of. The wood that he has chosen to paint on shows through the paint slightly which gives it an almost rustic, antique feel that is very popular by many today. Overall this painting is a very fun family painting that will add great character to any space.