Case Study – Living Large

The employees of Syntaxes Corporation are never able to enjoy a finished product, because their work never stops. Their Job Is to constantly collecting viruses and suspicious codes to analyze the way they work and to find a solution to prevent these viruses form damaging the publics computer. They are determined to provide their consumers with updated versions of anta-vultures for their computers.

At the Symantec lab, they have a box, which has all dangerous types of viruses that need to be disposed of. Vincent Wafer has been a part of Symantec since 1999.

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In 1999. There were only a few employees at Symantec and that there were only a few viruses spread put through months compared to how it is now. Nowadays there are about 20,000 viruses monthly, so more talented employees around the world work for Symantec, coming from Iceland, Hungary, USA, etc.

Vincent Wafer said that colleges are not creating computer security experts everyday so as soon as they found someone who does, they would hire him or her no matter in what country they’re from. A virus named the Blaster-B worm made Symantec employees work really hard and this proved that they needed more employees that were more talented so that hey can fix this sort of problem.

Now, each employee has their own job according to their specialization; some people responds to new security threats, some write research papers, some develop tools that will be used to fight viruses, and some find out about the virus. The work in Symantec never stops. Since Symantec lab is located in Santa Monica, Dublin, and Tokyo, once the shift in Santa Monica is over, the work continues in Tokyo and after that in Dublin and then back in Santa Monica for 24 hours non-stop. Vincent Wafer goal is to have a predictable and well-defined process for dealing with the virus threats that are found.