Goodbye Stress, Hello Rest

As a student, how often have you caught yourself drifting from what’s going on in class, feeling your eyelids droop? You’re in the classroom in body, but your mind is somewhere else entirely. After what seems like hours of trying to keep your eyes open, the class finally ends, and you leave with no recollection of anything you learned. Remember the blissful days of Kindergarden, when each afternoon brought nap-time? At that time, many of us didn’t appreciated this glorious time slot where we were allowed to rest, but now, there is very little that some of us wouldn’t give to have that oppurtunity.

High schools should bring back this elementary practice, and allow students to go home for an hour during lunch time, giving them a much-need and beneficiary break from the stress of the day. The exhaustion from the day-to-day grind gets the better of many students and prevents them from reaching their potential as a student. After a morning of cramming information into their brains, I’m sure after a little siesta, many of them would be awake and ready for the afternoon slew of learning. To some people, highschool, especially junior year, is more stressful than all our grade school years combined. On top of the actual school day itself, students have to deal with homework, sports, club activities, jobs, household chores etc.

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How any of us manage to fit even a small amount of free time in is beyond me. Teachers, parents, bosses, coaches…sometimes as a high-schooler, it feels like you are being attacked at all angles with no time to recover. A little time in the middle of the day just to take a break from it all would encourage many students to try harder in their endevours and give them the little boost they need to get it all done.