Grading papers

Grading papers Should student grade papers? No they should not. It is not fair for kids doing teachers work. We already have 4 hours of homework we already go to school for 6 hours a day. Why do we have to do teachers work? One supporting evidence is that “Harvey Erikson” says no why? Because “keeping poor student work private stuff. Also “it gives them too much pressure in them”.

I think he is not wrong we at school are already doing work that’s already too much for us. I also think that “Janine Riggins” was right about student grading paper. For example one reason was that “this is a natural part of learning process”. She is right we can learn from other’s mistake. Also “student know who is on top and isn’t whether they see each other’s mistake on paper or not”.

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She is right some people learn from each other’s mistake. I mean like it comes to people’s privacy, but it helps them learn. In conclusion now that I think about it maybe grading papers was a good idea it will get people good grads. Maybe grading papers will help us in grades.