Grant Proposal Brainstorming

This project Proposal is targeted towards helping children living in the Sixth Ward in Houston with a view of aiding them to learn the value of helping the society to positively realize its goals.

The research proposal is therefore targeted at addressing the various causes of social problems affecting children living in the Sixth Ward of Houston through analyzing the causes of such problems and seeking for workable solutions. The major goal of this Research Proposal is therefore to become aware of the problems afflicting children of all ages living in the Sixth Ward and provide solutions aimed at enhancing their academic performance in class despite of the challenging environment that surrounds them. To meet the needs of children staying in the Sixth Ward in Houston, the Project Proposal will strictly adhere to the Community-Campus Partnerships for Health or CCPH programs in order to provide the much needed volunteer help by the faculty, students and the alumni to better the lives of these children. The Project Proposal, will among other things, seek to solve the various challenges associated with children living in the Sixth Ward in Houston through following the definition of the term “health” as expounded by CCPH. The project proposal will therefore seek for solutions which are aimed at solving not only the physical and emotional well-being of children living in the Sixth Ward in Houston but also seek spiritual solutions as well. Through understanding that the children in this community need academic empowerment, the research proposal will focus on how these children can be provided with all the necessary support to ensure that they succeed in their academics.

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This will be done through provision of food which is rich in balanced diet to ensure that the young people’s minds and bodies grow well. The community or the CCPH might object towards this plan owing to the heavy budgetary allocations that have been set towards the realization of the set goals. But given the fact that the project has long-term benefits, the CCPH will have no difficulty in funding the project (Community-Campus Partnerships for Health. (2013). Through solving the various problems affecting the children staying in the sixth ward, the community will greatly benefit from a young generation which is well enlightened on what is right and wrong and thus eventually coming up with a good society in future.