Grant Proposal

Introduction This is a research project that is to be set out for the upgrading of an existing sports facility into a disability sports centre. As efforts are being done to promote the fundamental human rights of all people, it is sad to note that the fundamental rights of the disabled that enshrines them to take active part in sporting activities in the vicinity has been hindered.

This is because of the lack of adequate sporting facilities, equipment and personnel that caters for their needs. Disability, we are all told is not an inability (Gardener, 2009). The implication of this is that people who are disabled have a fairly equal ability to access and participate in regular day to day activities as their colleagues who are physically able. This project shall therefore be an avenue to help the disabled feel integrated into society. It will also be an avenue for some of them who are talented in terms of sports to equip their talents.

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Further more, this is going to be an opportunity to the disabled in the community to use their free times judiciously. In light of the problem stated and the significance of the problem given, this is going to be a project that will be set out to investigate the reasons that has accounted for the neglect of disability sports over the years and ways of ensuring that disability sports is revived again. It is hypothesized that if disability sports are promoted, the general well being of the disabled person shall be promoted as well. Statement of Purpose The rights of the disabled in terms of sports need to be promoted. Sadly, there is virtually no sporting centre in the vicinity that has provisions for disabled people.

There are no disability friendly facilities and equipment. There are also no trained personnel at the various sports centers to offer assistance to the disabled who may want to be at the sports centers to part take in sporting activities. This is therefore going to be a project that will select a specific sports venue and upgrade the venue into a disability sports center. Thereafter, pragmatic steps will be taken to measure or assess the impact of the facility in the lives of the disabled people who will benefit from the center. Because a specific problem is to be identified and solved, the action research design has been selected as the research method to use in this project.

The disabled have a lot of rights. One of these rights is the right to stay healthy and participate in activities that keeps the person healthy (Antonio, 2005). This work is going to be very significant in raising the image of disabled people. It is going create a sense of urgency on how important society regards them. Considering the fact that there are global sporting avenues such as the Paralympics, it means that tis project can also be an avenue to develop the talents of these disabled people to take part in such international and national sporting competitions.

Background and Rationale In a research by Finch et al (2000), “young disabled people cited lack of disabled facilities generally or lack of suitable facilities for their own disability.” This is the exact situation in the present location. Though the presence of sports facilities in the locality could be praised as a good idea, it must be stated that these facilities have been structured and fixed in such as a way that do not allow for open access to people with disability. For instance there are no special walkways for the visually impaired, there are not mobility equipment for the mobility impaired, there are no audio-aides and other forms of mandatory marks that will serve as a guide to the hearing impaired, there are no means of transportation arrangement specially designed for the disabled and there is absolute lack of sporting equipment. Generally, the facilities have been constructed to suit only mainstream sport personalities.Indeed these problems have solution.

These solutions should come in the form of programs. First, government and all other stakeholders must as a matter of policy, ensure that there are segregated sports facilities that caters for the needs of only disabled people. This will ensure that the partialities that are associated with accessibility of facilities are catered for. These facilities should be well stocked with needed equipment that will make accessibility easier. If the reliance on volunteers continues to proof unworkable, there should be a policy to ensure that there are paid staffs who are specifically assigned to assist the disabled in their training courses.

There could also be conscious effort to eliminate the problem of stigmatization against disabled people who take up at the highest levels. According to Right to Play (2010), “the process can directly involve persons with disabilities to help the government identify problematic practices and shape more inclusive approaches.” Methods The entire research method is based on action research design. This means that a problem will be identified and solved. To this, there will be the need to collect data of different types to help in the proper identification of the problem. To this end, data collection instruments that include the use of interview and questionnaire shall be developed.

These instruments will be used to collect data on the current state of sports development in the locality and how the current situation can be improved or corrected. The instruments shall be answered by respondents including some disabled persons and stakeholders responsible for sports development in the community. The justification for using the action research is that it will bring the problem to the door step of the very peoplee who are involved. This means that it is participatory (Adams, 2003). This way, getting the support of the local people to assist will be very easy. Schedule Timeline: Conclusions It is believed that the extremely high level of lack of motivation one internal factor that inhibits the accessibility of facilities that are available by disabled people.

Already, it has been seen that there are external factors such as the absence of volunteers and inaccessibility of sports facilitating accounting for some reasons why there is poor progress with sports participation by disabled people. This project shall therefore come in good time in identifying the specific issues that need to be addressed and these issues shall be addressed appropriately. Budget The following items reflect the average costs of conducting research rehabilitating the proposed site Stationery and printing = $20 Personnel and consultancy = $ 200 Equipment procurement = $ 3500 Ground construction = $ 1500 Grand opening ceremony and fun fair = $ 500 The budget above is a compact budget that gives a summary of the major components of spending that will be done the budget caters for all areas and aspects of the work to be undertaken including the research into gathering necessary data.