Guide to Success

Have you ever said to yourself, “I want to be a millionaire!” or say, “I want to be famous and walk on the red carpet!” Some millionaires like Drake, Lil Wayne, Eminem, etc. they all started off in school and passed high school with a diploma to become famous. You must be thinking, “All they do is sing.” that is true, but where do you learn to sing, where do you learn the alphabet, and where do you learn to use complete sentences? Of course, you learn all of this in school! Even other people/everyday citizens go to school, not to be famous but to thrive and become wealthy in life.

There are many tips to being successful but there are just some you don’t want to do. What are some tips to becoming successful? I’ll tell you some very important tips to becoming successful and wealthy in life. You have to try to know as the saying goes, “If you don’t try you it, you will never know if you’ll like it.” So what im trying to say is, if you don’t try many careers then you will never know which one career you’ll like. Another great tip is to meet new people, you will never know when they can help you in life and that one person you that you think is weird may become famous when they grow up and could possibly help you in your time of need. Another tip to helping your career and your life is to pick a job you like.

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Most people choose a job that gives them a lot of money but it’s something they resent. Personally to me that is a bad choice, even if all of your thoughts are about money doing a job that you don’t like will give you stress, here is an easier way of saying this. Let’s say you’re paired up with someone you just hate and you’re forced to work and communicate with them, right on the spot I’d stand up and ask for a new partner (job).To sum it up, try new jobs and find the one you love to do and continue on with that job. What to keep in mind during the path to success.

Remember to keep in mind that you have life dreams and one wrong move can change your life forever and probably cost your future career. Always keep your dream alive and keep in strong, don’t you want to become a paragon? Or do you want to be a slob trying your best to mooch off others while they are the ones becoming successful and thriving in life. Don’t just find a job that makes money, find a job that makes you happy even if it pays low because you’ll be spending a long time in that job. You spend near seven hundred thousand hours in that job and you want to make it worth. Not only does being successful help you but it also helps your family.

Many poor families use everything they can to help their child, but as the child grows up they will think back and see that they were poor. You want you child to grow up living in a nice home and remembering that they have a family to live for. What I have just told you were many do’s and don’ts in life. Remember to focus on the real world and to have fun doing so. Just don’t forget that a person has their own limitations and if they’re broken, it could lead to severe damage.

Every time you do something just think to yourself, “Is this a do or is it a don’t. Is this more important than my career?” Last tip to end this, meet as many people as you can, and always stay in touch. Remember, have fun as often as possible and in your spare time talk to the people you have just met.