Gum Chewing in School Free Essay

Imagine a couple students sitting outside minding their own business chewing gum and then all of a sudden a teacher comes out of the school and gives them an after school detention. That’s not fair, what were they doing wrong, chewing gum? That is wrong and should not be happening in school. For example,I got a detention for swallowing gum instead of throwing it out .

Why is it such a big deal for kids to chew gum in school? It’s not the school’s body so it should not be up to them. It should be up to the students,parents,or guardian. I say that students no matter what grade should be allowed to chew gum during school hours because it’s like violating someones rights for nothing. First of all, they do not know what exactly is in gum and it’s noting bad, no drugs or alcohol, so students should not relinquish their gum. What’s the big deal? What is in gum is..

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. the gum base is rubber,the softeners are to maintain moisture,the sweeteners for well sweeten up the gum,there’s artificial flavors and natural flavors,and all kinds of colors pink,red,etc. And if teachers think that gum gets stuck inside you for seven years there wrong and right. According to Anne Helmenstine,gum does get stuck inside you but gum does not get stuck in you for seven years. That means gum is safe to chew no matter what kind of gum.

And if teachers have such a problem with students swallowing gum, bring it up with the student’s parents and ask them if its a problem with them. And obviously there are some problems with kids chewing gum in school but there’s going to be problems with anything in school. Even though I do agree with the teachers that gum does get annoying because students do stick it underneath desks, tables,and seats. But Wrigley is creating a gum that will harden and fall off objects if wind blows so all the janitor will need to do is sweep up the gum along with everything else in that room.

And according to Bill Hendrick of Web MD Health News, when kids chew,gum they do indeed improve their grades tremendously, which means they can and will pass to move up to the next grade. Along with the fact that what if the kids already have good grades and they just like chewing gum because it helps them with working on math problems,reading,or just problems in general. And I have seen teachers chew gum to so they can’t complain. Gum chewing is really healthy especially if you chew sugar free gum because it strengthens and whitens your teeth says the Admin of dental implants. As well as chewing gum can help fight tooth decay says ICGA (International Chewing Gum Association . And I don’t know if you have noticed but I have noticed that baseball players chew a lot of gum during innings to help them focus on the game and stayed focused,and its a good stress reliever so people will not smoke.

So wouldn’t that same gum help students focus on a test or even through a whole day of school? I think so. And what if someone had bad breath? I’m not making fun of anyone but nobody wants to smell that and what will gum do you ask? Gum will make bad breath good breath because of the flavors inside the gum. In my mind it’s a wonder why schools make such a big fuss about gum chewing. But if you could, and you should for the millions and millions of kids around the world ,talk to your principal about gum chewing inside school. It will help everyone improve their grades,strengthen their teeth,and help them fight tooth decay.

And hopefully in the future they will allow texting and gum chewing inside schools. So are you going to stand up for gum chewing like the millions of students do, or are you just going to sit there and let the school control you? It’s your choice; make the right one for the sake of student kind.