Gum Chewing

Imagine you sitting down, listening contently in class when the teacher calls you out for chewing gum. She argues that it interrupts the class when you can not help but wonder, Isn’t she the one who interrupted class to tell you not to chew gum? So, why are so many people against gum chewing? Gum chewing should be allowed in school because it helps calm the body and mind, it helps students retain information better, and it can help you lose weight.

To begin, students should be allowed to chew gum during school, because it helps calm the mind and body.According to Caitlin Covington, she says that gum chewing can “reduce anxiety and cortisol levels”. The effects of the reductions can occur instantly and last for a long time (Covington). The reduction of anxiety can help students relax more and not be so stressed about their school work. With the long lasting effects the anxiety and cortisol level will stay low. As stated by Caitlin Covington, other studies have shown that people that chew gum have faster reaction than people that [do not] chew gum (Covington).

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With the students being able to react faster they are able to be more awake and alert during class time and not falling asleep or drifting off. As stated by Gary L. Wenk, a Professor of Psychology & Neuroscience & Molecular Virology, Immunology and Medical Genetics at the Ohio State University and Medical Center, that since gum has sugar in it, it is reducing hunger pangs. It is also a good way to break habits or not eating for a long period of time (Psychology Today). Since the gum is reducing hunger, if students have lunch later in the day but are hungry they can have a piece of gum and it can sooth their hunger for a bit. It can also help break habits such as smoking because people are focused more on chewing the gum than thinking about smoking.

Some people say that chewing gum causes diseases like mono and strep. Although that may be true it also helps calm the body and mind of some students. Therefore students should be able to chew gum in the school, because it help calm the mind and body. Additionally, children should be allowed to chew gum in school because it helps students retain information better.According to Jennifer Welsh, students who chew gum before a test retain the information better than a person who did not chew gum (Livescience). Being able to retain information better by chewing gums gives the students an advantage and helps them understand and take in the information better.

According to NBC news, studies have shown that eating a piece of gum while studying and then eating the same flavor gum when [one] needs the information will help increase your test scores(NBC). Eating the same flavor of gum while studying and taking the test will help [one] remember the information [one] has studied for a short period of time, but long enough to improve some students test scores. A team of psychologists at St. Lawrence University tested an experiment on 159 students on how their cognitive skills are with and without chewing gum. Their studies have shown that children who were given gum had the best results (Lehrer).

The students who were given the gum, their cognitive skills were outstanding because the gum chewing triggers a part in their brain that makes them more alert and have better cognitive skills. Students say that gum chewing is a distraction for others in the classroom. They say that with that distraction they can not get their work done. Although that may be true but for other kids, chewing gum helps them focus more. Furthermore, kids should be able to chew gum in school because it helps them retain information better.

Lastly, gum chewing should be allowed in schools because it helps children lose weight. According to Sarah Hanratty, a nutritional therapist, says that ” research from the University of Rhode Island suggests. The team discovered participants that chewed gum for a total of one hour per day ate 68 calories less at lunchtime. They also found gum chewers expended more energy too”(Hanratty). If kids are eating less calories at lunch from chewing gum, that means that the motion and flavor of the gum chewing makes the body think they are actually eating food and does not make them that hungry throughout the day.

As said by Watch Fit, chewing gum helps stop food craving because of the gums flavors and the movement of your mouth sends signals to the part of your brain responsible for satiety (Hanratty). By the chewing motions sending signals to your brain this reduces your appetite and food craving so that you will not be tempted to eat food and you will lose weight. Sarah Hanratty also said that “Chewing gum can help with weight loss by decreasing hunger and increasing metabolism However, the overall contribution to weight management is small and needs to be combined with other weight loss strategies, including regular exercise and eating less sugary foods.” (Hanratty). This helps you lose weight because not being hungry and more regular workouts you will lose 2x the amount of weight you would regularly lose.

All in all, students should be allowed to chew gum during school.By being able to chew gum in school it helps calm your body down when you are stressed. It also helps you remember material better and helps you lose weight. If schools continue to not allow students to chew gum just because they think it is distracting, it will make some students not be able to pay attention during class which will affect their grades and what school they get into and our society will be flushed down the toilet. Overall, gum chewing should be allowed in schools because if it is not than students will not be able to think properly and have a good future.