Сhewing Gum in School

Have you ever wished that you could chew gum in school? I have.

I believe that kids should be able to chew gum in school. When kids chew gum during a quiz or test, it helps them concentrate better, when someone is hungry they don’t pay attention as well, and now, gum helps fight tooth decay. Schools should let kids chew gum. It says at “Buzzle.com” that there is a new chewing gum that actually helps tooth decay (internet 2). Also experts have stated that chewing gum increases your ability learn and concentrate better (internet 1).

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I personally have done a pole of about 10 people that I know chew gum in class and they have all said that it helps them concentrate better, and that they pay attention when they are not hungry.Concentration, (I believe) is the key to a test/quiz. Experts say that chewing gum can help you concentrate a little better, if it helps, why not use it? Teachers should let their students chew gum, but if gum is on the bottom of the desk, or a wrapper on the floor, the teacher should not let gum in for a week or two. Also if the school let kids chew gums, then people wouldn’t have to stick the gum on the bottom of a desk. Just a little more concentration can be the difference in a letter grade.All of my friends say that when their hungry, they are all jumpy and can’t wait till lunch.

They are really anxious and can’t get they’re work done, (by the way, I know from experience). Chewing gum lasts the whole day, so then all you need is one piece of gum, and a lunch. Also, the school store could then sell gum and the school would have a lot more money.Did you also know that gum could help you learn? I know I didn’t. A study out of Australia says that gum can help you learn and concentrate better (internet 1).

Gum helps you learn and eat at the same time, a perfect combination. There is now new gum that helps your teeth as well as your brain. It tastes just as good, and kills tooth decay (internet 2). Some kids that have bad teeth just have to chew gum. (You still need to brush your teeth though)When I think about it more, maybe gum shouldn’t be allowed in school, but I still stand by my opinion. Gum does help you in school and dental health, but sometimes it can be really nasty (gum on the bottom of table, stepping in gum, etc.

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