Summer School For Everyone: Having School Year-Round

Having school year-round is an up and coming topic of discussion for many people. Some people think it would be a good idea to have school in session for the entire year.

There would be no more summer vacation but rather many more small breaks. Personally, I think this is an awful idea; and I think that almost every kid would agree with me. Summer vacation is the best time of the year: nice weather, hanging out with friends, camping, amusement parks, and everything else that comes hand-in-hand with the marvelous time that is summer. I work extremely hard during the school-year and I very much so look forward to the summertime. Camping, hiking, and kayaking are my absolute favorite things to do in the world.

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There is nothing like waking up at 6:00 in the morning, unzipping the door of the tent, and going to start a fire with a sweatshirt on and the cold breeze of the morning grazing your body. There is nothing like leaping over a 3 foot gap to the other side of a mountain peak and examining which paths of rocks to take so that you don’t fall down a cliff. There is nothing like trying to maneuver yourself and a kayak through gigantic rapids and rocks without flipping over. These feelings can’t be felt at any other time of the year except for summer. To take that away from me and replace it with school would be devastating. Summer is more than just a season to me; it signifies the best days of my life.

Not only would most kids, in my opinion, despise having school in the summer, but I don’t think that students would get grades as high as they do with the school-year the way it is now. Once Spring hits and the windows in classrooms start getting opened, most people’s concentration and effort goes right out of the open window. They know that summer is nearing and they are just itching for the last period bell to ring so that they can just be outside in the gorgeous weather. If we had school during the summer-time, no one would be paying attention to any of the classes. I care about my grades, I work hard, and I do well.

However, if I had to go to school year-round, I would be so tired and worn-out by the time that summer comes around. I feel that there would undoubtedly be a drop in my grades during the summer. There is no way that I would be caught studying or doing homework as opposed to going to the beach or having bonfires with my friends. In addition to that, I think that teachers would be a little more mature about it than students, but I don’t think that teachers would be all that thrilled about having school during the summer either. Contrary to little children’s belief, they do have lives and families outside of school and they like to do the same things as us during the summer. Year-round school would not only be horrible for students but it would be a detriment to the grades and quality of education in schools.

Nobody would be paying attention and grades would suffer. School during the summer would not only affect grades, but happiness.