Should Schools be Year Round?

The moment that everyone has been anticipating for has finally arrived. The students are leaning on the edge of their seats, listening for the last bell to ring to unleash them toward freedom. Unfortunately, this typical end of school scenario may not be applicable anymore since there are advocates of year round schools. With a purpose of extending and cultivating learning time, schools in some states have changed their calendars to become year round schools. However, the traditional three months summer vacation from school should be maintained.

Summer break would reinvigorate the students and provide the students time for new experiences. In addition, in a bigger scale, allowing students a summer break is vital to the economy because it help boost sales and businesses. A summer break is vital for the students to de-stress from today’s hectic academic world. With the accumulation of quizzes, homework, projects, tests, exams etc, high school can be overwhelming. Yet students put immense efforts in these work knowing that they can relax in the summer.

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Being at constant school annually would unmotivated students because it gives an impression that they are trap in this interminable cycle of schoolwork. The pupils would be almost like zombies strolling unhappily around the hall. In addition, students aren’t the only population that look forward to the break; the staff, faculties and bus drivers also yearn for this time of the year to unwind and spend qualities time with families and friends. Summer is the perfect time for students to expand their horizons because it provides ample of academic opportunities. This contradicts the advocates of year round schooling who argue that summer break is a waste of student’s time that could be use in learning.

In fact, during this free months, many students’ sign up for internships, jobs, camps, seminars, and even college tours or travel abroad. Furthermore, retractors of summer vacation failed to recognize that some students needed this time to attend or retake classes they have fail. If school is year round, how can students catch up or do experience new things? From a universal perspective, canceling summer break would be detrimental to our economy. Summer is thus far the season with the highest rating of sales and business that directly correlates to the fact that students are out of schools during this time. Movies, the mall, amusement parks, the airports, ect are booming this time of the year.

Having school year round would lower the occupancy of the most advertised vacation destinations and movies to see or attractions spots. As proven, forbidding the time off during the summer is chasing some business most value customers away. For teens, the term summer is most associated with the word “freedom.” taking away the summer break, would means taking away our freedom, in other words seizing our liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Don’t we need a break when we after watching television, don’t we sleep after a long day? Therefore, we need a summer vacation from school because without it, we would not have the time to rest and vitalize.

We would not have the opportunities to travel abroad, or work at summer job or attend. We would not have the chance to kindle with old friends at the mall or movies. Some business would be low because students and the staffs are at schools year round. The deletion of summer break would brings disappointments and protests. Hence, the long-established three months summer vacation from school should be preserve.