My Opinion On School All Year Round

I completely disagree with having school all year round! There could be a few positives to this idea but, I think that the multiple negatives overpower them.

Schools would quickly start to become poor. With lots of money spent on utility, electricity, air conditioning and heating bills all year long there won’t be money left over for sports, new text books, field trips and many other things. The teachers, principals, secretaries and staff may have to get an increase in salary as well because of the extra work they will have to do. Along with schools suffering from money shortage all summer activities and groups such as swim clubs, sports and art camps would also lose a lot of money. Especially with the economy right now, this is not a good time to lose money. With this lose of money many people could continue to lose their jobs.

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The cost of private schools can be quite expensive. Making the school year longer would only make it worse. With a large percentage of unemployment more and more families can barely send their kids to a private school. Increasing the cost will encourage families in this situation to send their kids to a public school. I believe that even parents and other adults would disagree with this idea. Between sports, friends, homework and projects, parents who work all week barely ever get to spend time with their children.

Taking away summer would just make students despise school more. When would they have time to relax, swim, take vacations, visit family, camps and more? Missing out on these things will take a lot of fun and joy out of being a kid and making memories before they have to spend time doing all that work in high school, college, and as an adult. That is why we should have school all year round.