Gun Control Free Essay Sample

A lot of people own a firearm or have one in their house. And a big majority use their firearms for a bad use like murdering people. Most people just own a gun because they think it is “cool” to own a gun. And they show it off to their friends because they think they’re “cool.

” because they own a gun. One reason that gun control should be more strict, is the deaths by guns. By 2008, there has been 14,180 total murder victims. 9,484 of those murders were by firearms. That is 66.9% of deaths used by guns.

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That can be cut down a lot more by stricter gun control. Another reason that gun control should be more strict, is the suicides used by guns. Far more people kill themselves with a firearm each year, than are murdered with one. That is very scary. If the gun control could be more strict, some of those people would have no way of killing themselves.

So the suicides each year could get lower. The last reason that gun control should be more strict, is the school shootings. There has been 86 shootings in the last 9 years. That’s a lot. That’s the killing of innocent people for no reason.

If gun control could be more strict, there would be less school shootings going on. It could save a lot of innocent people. For the people that think it is “cool” to own a gun, it is not. They will end up killing someone by accident. And some parents think their child should know how to use a gun for protection. A nine year old girl accidentally shot her gun instructor in the head.

Then afterwards she said, “The gun was too much for her”. She was using an UZI and due to the recoil, the weapon went straight up in the air and the gun instructor was struck in the left side of the head. That sparked a debate over whether such a young child should have been allowed to handle such a powerful weapon. So that is why gun control should be more strict than they are. People are murdered by guns, people commit suicide by guns, and people use guns for school shootings. Those are only three of the things people use guns for.

There are many more, and that could be fixed. If they could make gun control a lot more stricter than it is, it could save people’s lives.