Happiness Argumentative Essay

Happiness: Does it come from the outside? Happiness comes from both yourself and also other people. I think it mostly comes from yourself because life has a lot to do with decisions that you make. I can either overreact to something and let it really affect myself. Maybe it won’t affect me at all. Happiness comes from inside, and other people can make a huge difference but what’s inside can be such a bigger part. Happiness is all fromwithin ones self.

We control how happy we are, and we may not be able to control what happens in life. However, we are able to control how we react to it. Our happiness has a lot to do with how we live our lives. The ideas we believe have a lot to do with how happy we are. If someone believes in something and that doesn’t happen the person isn’t going to be happy. If a person does something it can affect how happy they are.

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An example is if a person is in a bad relationship they are not going to be happy. They are just in the relationship because they feel like they have to be in it. They aren’t really happy they try to convince themselves that they are happy when they really aren’t. People also make decisions in their lives that can make them happy or can make them really sad. If they do something really dumb that is going to change their lives from good to bad.

They made the decision and it was a bad decisions to do. If they live a life of making bad decisions they are probably going to have a very sad life. Happiness is also controlled by things that you can’t control and how you let it affect you. An example is if you find out something bad happened to your family you need to react a certain way you can overreact and let it really effect you and it will make you really sad. Or you can try to deal with it and not effect how happy or sad you are.

If you really let it effect you its gonna make your life really bad. You won’t be able to enjoy life anymore and you will let it get to you and it will change your life forever and your life will never be the same. But if you don’t let it get to you a lot it won’t change your life completely but if something does happen to you and your family it’s gonna change your life. I’ve been through a lot of family problems and it did change my life but it didn’t make me sad for the rest of my life. Happiness comes from what happens in your life that you can’t control. Happiness also comes from how you react to the events that happen in your life.

It’s like Newtons Law and how every action has a reaction. In everyone’s life something bad is going to happen. It all depends on how that person reacts to the problem. When I found out that my dad had cancer I could of reacted one of two ways. I could of just given up on life and give up on everything or I could be determined to make my dad proud of me and dig deep and help him fight it.

Some people react to things some ways and other people react a different way. They way a person reacts to something could change how happy they are. If a person reacts bad to something it could change their happiness forever. Happiness comes from the inside. Other people influence some happiness but in the end it all comes from the heart. Happiness can be affected by a lot of different things but not all things in life people can control.

But they can control how they react to the things that they can’t control. Happiness is key to having a great life. If you’re happy your life will be good. If you’re not happy you won’t have a good life.