Harlem Renaissance

The Harlem Renaissance is known as the cultural explosion for African Americans in the 1930s. It aloud many African American artist and writers to freely express their talents, one of these writers is Zora Neale Hurston who was not only influenced by the Harlem Renaissance but also influenced others of her time and today.

The Harlem Renaissance began when a large number of African Americans moved up from the south into large cities like New York and lived together in towns like Harlem. In the towns like Harlem African Americans were able to “… find a place where they could freely express their talents” (“PBS.” PBS.

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PBS, n.d.). During this period in time the culture of African Americans was being accepted by the “white” race and this allowed African Americans to fully express their own ideas, culture, morals and freedoms into the society that they lived in. The Harlem Renaissance goes deeper than just a cultural movement “It involved racial pride” (“PBS.

” PBS. PBS, n.d.). Zora Neale Hurston was strongly influenced by the new sense of pride that African Americans got during this time period. Hurston was also seen as someone who influenced others because she helped to develop the common identity for her race.

Hurston also was known for her feelings on racial division and women’s rights. The Harlem Renaissance had its influence on many other writers and people because it was a large movement. It was a movement that sent a change for African Americans in the 1930s and for today.