The Harlem Renaissance

The Harlem Renaissance was a time period where people started to value African American literature and art in the 1920’s mainly in the Harlem district New York city.While some African Americans came to New York,They brought Jazz,which led the entire New York City filled with Jazz and African American literature that they brought with them as well.

Famous writers such as Ana Bontemps,Langston Huges, Claude Mckay,Zora Neale Huston and Jean Comer, brought the popularity of African American literature with poems and books .Writers like them often talked about daily lives of African Americans and how they were treated which made people realize the harm of it . Magazine publishers also published topics such as African American pride, and gave many writers chances to write and stand out.When Jazz spread across New York many fell in love with it individual interpretation and rhythm rather than traditional musical composition.One known jazz musician was Louis Armstrong,he had unique beat and style that everyone fell in love with.Other musicians as well made many different beats and patterns to jazz music .

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Dancers as well became new such as Billy “Bonjangler” Robinson tapped Broadway.Many clubs had Jazz and dance that white and blacks went to .The most known club was the “Cotton Club” Located in New York as well. Clubs offered alcoholic beverages as well therefore many people went to enjoy time and dance. Movies were starting to become known and African American movies were shown on Broadway which pple saw all over the world . Sports were also becoming popular around the Harlem Renaissance period ,Blacks also played especially in the most known sport baseball.

The Harlem Renaissance changed the world in a great way . Today the world wouldn’t have the knowledge of variety of literature and art .Point of views of African Americans would also be different than todays.