Harvey Dunn’s “The Prairie Is My Garden”

Standing in the right foreground of a prairie stands a mother. She wears a crimson skirt and ashen colored blouse with a linen apron flapping the wind. Her tall, slender frame has a tan complexion, presenting an impression of a woman who endured hard labor.

Wisps of brown hair appear to blow around her temples. In her left hand she holds scissors, and in her right she holds a bouquet of just-gathered wild flowers facing downwards. Two children pose to the woman’s left next to a creek. Dressed in a white knee-length white frock, a girl stands behind her mother. Another child dressed in blue, with hair the color of the sun, bends over on the ground of the prairie for more flowers.

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In his left hand, he holds up wildflowers. To the left of the second child flows a creek. Clear water reflects the bank and grasses above it. In the background of the prairie scene, three small, plain buildings rest comfortably. They have clay-colored roofs and grey siding.

Out of one building sticks out a brick chimney with no smoke floating out. Only one or two windows appear visible on the homestead. Behind the buildings looms a vast sky. Light, puffy clouds float in the sky.