Haters, Takers and HeartBreakers

I will never understand why people find it necessary to hate on people who do not deserve it at all.

I mean, there are these people who are making hate pages for celebrities. Like for example, Selena Gomez, I mean I get it that you may not love her music but that doesn’t give any right to put her down. People never realize how much damage they are doing. She may be a star but that doesn’t make life any easier. You are bullied by your school, yet if you think about it, she could be bullied by the world.

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Haters keep hating but keep it to yourself. No wants to be told that the world wishes them dead. No one realizes how much one smack down can do to a person. The Takers are also a large mystery. Taking away confidence, self-esteem, and happiness. After you have someone give a huge talk about what you should improve about yourself, looks, personality.

Anything. You never think about yourself the same way again. You are always worried about what the next person will think of you, you shouldn’t be thinking about that. You should be too busy being you. The Takers can destroy so much.

They take lives too. So many people think they are worthless because of what people say. Many kill themselves because of it, it’s not fair, and those people have every right to live, just like everyone else. Why must people be so mean? Heartbreakers, the people who say things that just make you collapse into tears. It feels like your heart has been broken into a million pieces. You just cry.

Heartbreakers, why do you do this. Some take pride in breaking hearts. You NEED to stop. People are dying. People are giving up before their lives even begin.

It’s so sad. Why must you break people down to nothing? It’s not right. I will never understand, ever. It is barbaric. So in conclusion, we need more Lovers, Givers and Heart Menders . Help us put the world back together.

We need more people who do things to help others to help others. Help us save ourselves. That’s what’s wrong with this world. We are destroying ourselves. Stop the slow massacre of this generations youth.